A photo of the Live Media Hub.

Students from Swansea University’s Department of Media and Communications have been given the rare opportunity to experience the reality of a live newsroom.

More than twenty students took part in the Live Media Hub, an initiative introduced as part of the University’s prestigious Hillary Rodham Clinton Global Challenges Summit.

Over three days, the team wrote live news stories and features, executed social media and public relations strategies, conducted interviews with distinguished guests, including Swansea University Vice-Chancellor Professor Paul Boyle, and produced a wide range of digital content.

While staff were on hand to offer guidance and act as Duty Editors, the students were responsible for researching, producing, and publishing copy in real-time and to a professional standard.

The experience enabled students to creatively present their views on key global issues and allowed them to learn new skills, network, and make new friends.

Michael Coiner, an MA Communication, Media Practice and Public Relations student from the United States, said: “The Live Media Hub has truly been a unique and enriching event. It has given us a chance to dive headfirst into an active newsroom atmosphere and put our skills to good use.

“I’ve really enjoyed collaborating with and learning from my fellow students and lecturers. It’s a great opportunity to gain real-world experience and have a little bit of fun along the way!”

Saurabh Nagpal, an MA Sports Communication and Journalism student from India, said: "My experience of covering the Hillary Rodham Clinton Global Challenges Summit has been wonderful. Being in that newsroom environment while also being surrounded by experts in the field was very useful. It served as a bridge between what we've been learning in class and what is expected of us in the real world.

"Above all, it was such an exciting and fun learning activity to be a part of."

To enable students to reflect on their work and share it with the public, the team uploaded their content to The Swansea Mumbler, a community website for those connected to the Department of Media and Communications.

With an international audience, much like the team itself, The Swansea Mumbler and its student contributors have played a vital part in covering one of the most high-profile events in the University's calendar; Secretary Clinton herself thanking the team for their hard work.

HRC Global Summit from SwanseaUni on Vimeo.

Dr Richard Thomas, Head of the Department of Media and Communications at Swansea University, said: "We are delighted to have assembled an international team to cover this really important event. A global team, to cover a global summit!

"The Live Media Hub has given students the chance to work under something approaching newsroom or real-world pressure, allowing them to create interesting content that spans the worlds of journalism, filmmaking, and public relations.

"Above all, we hope our coverage of these crucial issues shaping our future lives has showcased the department, our university and the talents of our students."

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