Swansea mathematician Grigory Garkusha publishes in elite mathematical journal

A paper by Swansea University’s Grigory Garkusha has just been published by one of the world’s most prestigious mathematical journals. 

The work of Dr Garkusha, Associate Professor in the Mathematics Department, and his collaborator Professor Ivan Panin, of St Petersburg, appears in the elite Journal of the American Mathematical Society in 2021, which publishes distinguished papers of the very highest quality in pure and applied mathematics.

The paper accomplishes a celebrated programme on the new approach to stable homotopy theory started by Vladimir Voevodsky in 2001. Voevodsky revolutionized several areas in mathematics and was awarded the Fields Medal, the premier award in mathematics (the mathematician’s equivalent of the Nobel Prize), in 2002.

The results of the paper have significantly impacted the area and have been presented at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques, Paris, Mittag-Leffler Mathematics Institute, Stockholm, and other world-leading research centres.

A wealth of new constructions and applications by a range of mathematicians in Europe and North America have already followed from this work.

Over the past few years Dr Garkusha has been invited to deliver distinguished lecture series on these results in Warwick, Oslo, Paris, Los Angeles, St Petersburg and Bonn. Several schools and research seminar series have been primarily dedicated to this paper including those at a school in Los Angeles (2016), autumn semesters in Duisburg-Essen University (2016) and Harvard University (“Thursday seminars”, Fall 2019).

Dr Garkusha said: “This paper is the successful culmination of eight years of intensive research, which has been adventurous with plenty of unexpected avenues. I am now concentrated on developing new research directions which will heavily use the results and methodology of this paper.”

Head of the School of Mathematics and Computer Science Professor Elaine Crooks said: “To publish a research article in the Journal of the American Mathematical Society is a major achievement for Dr Garkusha and Swansea Mathematics. This work is already attracting significant notice on the international stage and is expected to provide a springboard for further exciting advances in the coming years.”


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