A student volunteer with one of the packs that went out to the local community

As part of their commitment to providing key support throughout the pandemic, Swansea University student volunteers have created activity packs for children, young people, and disabled adults within the community.

Since September 2020, members of Discovery, Swansea University's volunteer-led charity, have created and delivered over 325 wellbeing treat packs, as well as 120 care packages.

With several themes, including activities, wellbeing treats, and building challenges, the team wanted to make sure there would be something for everyone.

A parent whose child received an Inspire children's activity pack said: "He smiled when he got the pack – the fact it was hand-delivered and covered in stickers was so thoughtful!

"The information included was really helpful and relevant, and the activities were lovely, as we were able to do them as a family. The scratch art was a big hit, and the instructions were easy to follow too."

Student volunteers also wrote and illustrated a book included in a pack centred around reading for fun. The book, Luna the Lab, helps explain the pandemic to children.

A parent who signed their child up for the Buddied Reading project said: "We loved this book! A beautiful story, with beautiful pictures. From a parent's point of view, it's a lovely opportunity to talk with children about how we have felt through the pandemic, good and bad. It was also a welcome reminder of the positives that have come out of this experience, like extra family time."

Some activity packs also supported the weekly online sessions that Discovery student volunteers held with disabled adults.

Anne, whose daughter has been receiving the packs whilst shielding, said: "The packs that Discovery has been sending out during lockdown have been fab!

"The students have been innovative in coming up with activities the group can do together in their weekly Zoom sessions, such as rock painting, making pancakes, seed planting, and mask decorating. Every few weeks, a pretty parcel arrives packed with all the materials needed for the term's activities.

"It's all really well organised and thought through. The Zoom sessions have been a great way of maintaining contact and practising social skills at a time when social contact is severely restricted."

The packs have also been a wonderful experience for the volunteers themselves, allowing them to positively impact their local community during this challenging time.

Alice Teague, one of the Swansea University student volunteers, said: "I've really enjoyed volunteering over the last few months, as it's such a fulfilling role.

"I had so much fun packing all the resources for this term and can't wait to participate in all the lovely activities we have planned."

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