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University to develop advanced energy storage systems with new £1 million venture

A Swansea University research team from the College of Engineering are to form a new partnership with major global energy solutions provider ENSERV POWER.

This new venture will seek to develop and commercialise advanced and sustainable energy storage systems through the newly established interdisciplinary Centre of Excellence: CAPTURE (Circular Applications to Utilise and Retain Energy), with the support of the Institute for Innovative Materials, Processing and Numerical Technologies (IMPACT).

The centre will focus on a circular approach to the manufacture and management of energy storage solutions. Unifying expertise across Swansea University's Colleges of Engineering and Science, the centre will offer a unique, multifaceted approach to innovative, ground-breaking research on sustainable and scalable manufacturing solutions of energy storage devices.

Executive Director of CAPTURE, Professor Serena Margadonna, comments:

“Our focus is on the conceptualisation, design and modelling from incept of energy storage technologies within a circular economy framework, ensuring optimum use of resources, re-use and recyclability of its components. CAPTURE's network of collaborative research, facilities and equipment enable companies to develop new technologies and increase their productivity, sustainability and resilience.”

Professor Margadonna continues:

“We are thrilled to be collaborating with ENSERV POWER – a global battery technology developer. Over the years the company has grown to become a major developer of solar plants and energy storage systems in Asia and Oceania with more than 258 MW of photovoltaic parks installed in Thailand alone. With their £1 million investment, we are one step closer to offering an innovative approach to future energy storage systems.”

Mr. Tanachat Pochana, Founder and Chairman of ENSERV Holding, comments:

“The collaboration and support that CAPTURE’s team can provide to ENSERV POWER in terms of world-class research and facilities will most definitely catalyse the successful commercialisation of our innovative energy storage systems. Access to a broad range of expertise and infrastructure which complement our world-wide R&D activities is an invaluable resource. Indeed, the cooperative environment provided by CAPTURE and the Future Manufacturing Research Institute has contributed to the decision of establishing our UK operations in Swansea.

Our global team looks forward to working in partnership with CAPTURE to deliver next-generation sustainable energy storage solutions.”

CAPTURE and ENSERV POWER have been working closely to establish a joint R&D programme ReCharge+, with workstreams focusing on the manufacturing of ultracapacitors, sodium-ion batteries, solid-state electrolytes and Li-S batteries.

Technical Director of CAPTURE, Professor Davide Deganello, explains:

“The project aims at developing a complete manufacturing battery and ultracapacitor value chain, which meets the requirements of the circular economy. This will be done through our extensive range of expertise in manufacturing, materials and sustainable design teamed with ENSERV POWER’s expertise in clean energy, energy generation and storage. Our collaboration has been strengthened by the co-location of their R&D Lead for the UK and overseas partners, Dr. Arturas Adomkevicius, to Swansea University.

There are also additional international institutions involved in the project: Monash University (Australia) and The National Institute of Technology, Tsuruoka College (Japan). This partnership, therefore, will further support Swansea’s effort to forge strong international collaborations with Wales.”

Dr. Arturas Adomkevicius, ENSERV POWER R&D Lead for UK and Overseas Partners, comments:

“This collaboration is a vital step that could help rapidly advance the sustainable manufacture of sodium-ion batteries, lithium-sulphur batteries and ultracapacitors. It will also ensure that new technologies developed by ENSERV POWER in partnership with CAPTURE will strengthen Wales and the UK position as one of the major battery manufacturing research and development hubs in Europe. I believe, now more than ever, that partnerships such as this are critical to ensure a sustainable manufacture process for high-demand market.”

CAPTURE is part of the Future Manufacturing Research Institute (FMRI) – a research centre that aims to transform the field of manufacturing through a unique combination of expertise and facilities in the areas of digital manufacturing, advanced materials and device design.

The IMPACT operation is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Welsh Government and Swansea University.

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