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Some of the final year medical students at their NHS induction at Morriston Hospital.

Some of the final year medicine students at their NHS induction at Morriston Hospital.

Around 1000 healthcare and medical students who have volunteered during the Covid-19 pandemic are to receive a voucher for a local business, thanks to a donation of £27,500 by Santander, through Santander Universities.

The aim is to reward students’ courageous efforts, and at the same time put money back into the economy and help local businesses stay afloat.

Santander Universities is a partner of Swansea University on a range of initiatives, including the popular bike hire scheme across the city.

Over 1000 students from the University Medical School and the College of Human and Health Sciences volunteered to help health service colleagues:

• Final year medical students were inducted as doctors after the General Medical Council offered early provisional registration
• 662 nursing students were placed within the health boards
• The entire third year of the University’s midwifery degree assisted qualified midwives
• At least 101 paramedic students signed up to work with the Welsh Ambulance Service.

The donation allows students to select a gift voucher, worth £24.50, for any one of six local businesses:

• The Gower Coffee Company
• Arthur Neave Café and Deli
• Fulton House Outfitters
• Joe’s Ice Cream
• Natur Cymru Organic Skincare
• Castell Howell

Their voucher will be delivered to them inside a bespoke greeting card designed by That Mum Moment, to thank them for their heroic efforts.

Director of Santander Universities, Matt Hutnell, said:

“Universities across the UK, such as Swansea University, are doing some fantastic work to contribute to the UK’s effort to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, so we’re delighted to continue to support both students and local communities during this critical time.”

Head of Swansea University Medical School, Professor Keith Lloyd, said of the students:

“We are immensely proud of all our students. The world needs bright and caring people like them. They have shown great fortitude, resilience and even bravery by supporting our NHS at such a unique and potentially dangerous time.”

Head of the College of Human and Health Sciences, Professor Ceri Phillips, said:

“We are extremely proud of the commitment and sacrifice that many of our students in the College of Human and Health Sciences have made in supporting the NHS during the pandemic. They are a credit to themselves, the College and the University.”

Comments from some of the local businesses taking part in the scheme:

Joe’s Ice Cream: “Thank you to each of the Swansea University frontline students for all of your hard work and dedication, we hope you enjoy your well-deserved treat.”

Natur Cymru: “So pleased to be part of such a lovely project with Swansea University and Santander Universities UK. Showing thanks for the hard work of the frontline students while supporting local businesses – wonderful!”

Castell Howell: “It’s wonderful to be included in a small group of local businesses where each of the students are able to spend their ‘Thank You’ gift voucher. We look forward to arranging your gifts through our click and collect service. Diolch!’


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