The cost of living in Swansea is relatively low compared to many other cities in the UK. However, it is still vital you are prepared for your expected outgoings before you begin your studies. 

On average students studying at Swansea will spend between £7,800 and £11,700 (over 52 weeks) on living costs. The examples given below are averaged out to give costs somewhere in the middle of this estimate.

The level of these costs depends heavily on lifestyle and will vary from person to person, but it's always a good idea to have an idea of your budget before you begin your studies. Check out our fees and funding pages if you'd like any advice about how to fund your postgraduate degree. 

Two female students drinking in cups of tea in a halls of residence bedroom.

Halls of Residence costs

ExpenditureCost per weekCost per academic year (52 weeks)
Rent £91.00 - £200.00 £4732.00 - £10400.00
Gas/Elec/Water Included in rent Included in rent
Contents Insurance Included in rent Included in rent
Broadband Included in rent Included in rent
Travel Costs £7.88 £410.00

Private Residence Costs

ExpenditureCost per weekCost per academic year (52 weeks)
Rent £80.00 - £110.00 £4160.00 - £5720.00
Gas/Elec/Water £15.00 £780.00
Contents Insurance £2.75 £143.00
Broadband £4.60 £239.00
Travel Costs £9.00 £468.00
Two female students sitting on a sofa in halls of residence


You may also wish to undertake field trips and conferences as part of your studies. These costs can vary massively depending on where you wish to go and how long for. Always check with your department to see if they can help subsidise any of these costs.

Depending on your course there are a number of mandatory and optional costs you may be required to pay. For a detailed list of specific costs associated with your course please contact your department.

When drawing up your budget be aware that tuition fees will also need to be covered, and must be factored in as a cost. To find out how much your course will cost, please see the postgraduate tuition fee page.

Course Costs

Course CostCosts per WeekCost per academic year (52 weeks)
Books £8.36 £432.72
Printing and Binding £1.10 £57.20
Course Equipment £1.75 £91.00
Field Trips £1.35 – £30.00 £70.20 - £1560.00

General Living Costs

General Living CostsCosts per WeekCost per academic year (52 weeks)
Leisure Spending £28.00 £1456.00
Parking £15.00 £780.00
TV Licence £2.89 £150.28
Laundry £5.00 £260.00
Food £40.00 £2080.00
Phone (landline and Mobile) £8.25 £429.00
Clothes £15.00 £780.00
Childcare Costs £190.00 £9880.00


These estimates are based on actual costs paid by students and could easily be reduced with careful budgeting. Some of these outgoings may not apply to you and, depending on your circumstances, may not reflect the actual cost you will pay.