New for 2024 - BSc Astrophysics

Swansea University is thrilled to unveil our new BSc Astrophysics program, designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools to unlock the secrets of the universe through a combination of lectures, workshops, and hands-on practical sessions.  You’ll delve into fascinating topics like stellar evolution, galactic dynamics and gravitational waves and use telescopes and instrumentation to gather and analyse your own data.

Join us on a journey of exploration and discovery!

ALPHA collaboration at CERN Confirms Antimatter Falls in the Same Way as Matter for the First Time

Swansea University physicists, as leading members of the ALPHA (Antihydrogen Laser Physics Apparatus) collaboration at CERN, have demonstrated that atoms of antihydrogen fall to Earth in the same way as their matter equivalents for the first time.

Published in Nature, this study's groundbreaking results rule out the possibility of antimatter being accelerated upwards in Earth's gravity and bring researchers one step closer to unravelling one of the most high-profile problems in physics.

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At Swansea, we are proud of our research at the frontiers of physics. We strive to inspire the next generation of physicists with an exciting environment for learning and research.

Our curriculum is shaped by world-leading experts across a wide spectrum of research areas, ranging from semiconductors, nanophysics and lasers, to the physics of antimatter, quantum fields and the early universe. Our courses equip students with analytical and problem solving skills with wide ranging applications cutting across disciplines.

We have research links and collaborators spread worldwide, including access to large-scale facilities such as CERN, providing exciting project and research opportunities for students and researchers alike.

Physics Webinars

Touring CERN

A walk into the Antimatter Factory

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Semiconductors will save the world...or destroy it

Professor Paul Meredith discusses are semiconductors at the heart of all net-zero technologies

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What's all the fuss about Quantum Technology?

Join Dr Sophie Shermer as she discusses what's all the fuss about quantum technology?

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Falling Into a Black Hole & Stephen Hawking's Paradox

This presentation will take you to the frontier of our understanding of quantum gravity.

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Decoding Black Holes

Explaining some of the most recent developments in this research that is reshaping our view of space

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