Next Generation Respiratory Aids

The Centre for NanoHealth (CNH) at Swansea University has been working with Haemair Ltd, a local SME, developing next generation respiratory aids and artificial lungs, to identify an assessment of anti-thrombogenic surfaces for use in medical devices.

Our research has provided valuable guidance on the design and manufacture of microfluidic flow devices in biomedical applications where these involve the passage of blood through or within a device. Under such circumstances it is essential to prevent the formation of potentially dangerous thrombi during the residence time of the blood within the microfluidic environment.

The company has accessed both clinical and academic research expertise and has been able to utilize the extensive rheological facilities housed at the Centre for Nanohealth and this has led to joint grant applications, Ph.D. students, patents and generation of new intellectual property.

"As a small high tech business it is imperative to develop strategic partnerships with academia. Haemair has found the breadth of skills, knowledge and equipment within the Centre for Nanohealth to be extremely helpful in developing our products.  To this end, we have secured joint grant funding and currently sponsor a number of PhD students.  Without the availability of these facilities Haemair would have found it more difficult to maintain a competitive edge. We thank the Centre for Nanohealth for their support and expert advice and we look forward to a continued working relationship."