Researcher looking at sample with PC.

Genetics at Swansea has a long and distinguished history. In 60s and early 70s, founding professor John Beardmore and David Skibinski arrived after working with John Thoday FRS who succeeded Fisher at Cambridge. Pioneering research contributions were made in genetic toxicology and DNA repair mechanisms, in population and evolutionary genetics, and in the genetics of microbes and cell organelles. Biomarkers and Genes has since evolved as one of the four major research themes in the Medical School, following merger with the departments of genetics and biochemistry in 2004. Current research employs a wide range of approaches from laboratory, mass spectrometry, and epidemiological studies to applied problems in the identification and use of biomarkers. Our main areas of application are neurological disorders (epilepsy, startle disease), diabetes, allergies and cancer (with a strong focus on nanotoxicology).

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