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Workshops, Teaching Aids and Careers Advice for Medicine and Life Science

Student teaching school children about nanomedicine

What we offer

As a leading UK Medical School, we are committed to providing free, accessible support for school-age learners.

We work with students, schools, teachers, careers advisors and parents to elevate learners’ aspirations and support them throughout the important stages of their educational journey; help them reach their full potential at degree level and beyond and achieve real success in their future careers, encouraging learners to pursue careers in medicine, life science and healthcare.

Throughout the academic year, we actively engage with schools and colleges, delivering a variety of inbound and outbound activities, sessions and workshops to help students learn more about their study options, career prospects and life at university and a medical school. 

Due to the current challenges surrounding Covid-19, we are in the process of moving our Medical School learner support activity online and offering you a virtual alternative.


How we can Help You If you are ...

Going to University
Science Kit

With school or college finishing sooner than usual, you might feel in limbo while you wait to take the next step into university.  Why not get a feel for what it's like to study at university?


Starting at Swansea

Studying A Levels
Science Kit

With applying for university just around the corner, you will want your predicted grade and final results to be the best they can be.  We have lots of resources that can help you to better understand your chemistry and biology studies.  


Study Aids


Studying GCSEs
Science Kit

All of our courses rely on a good understanding of biology and/or chemistry so there are lots of topics that you'll learn about in gcse biology and chemistry that we can help you with.  


Study Aids


Looking for Careers Advice
Careers Advice Image

People always ask 'what do you want to be when you grow up?' but not everyone finds it easy to imagine themselves that far ahead into the future. Our careers advisor can either help you to work out what you're good and and where that could take you or guide you towards the subjects you'll need if you already have a career in mind.  


Careers Advice


A Teacher

Looking for some inspiration on how to tackle a Biology or Chemistry topic?  Look no further!  Our world-leading research and teaching staff share some of their best lesson plans to help you inspire tomorrow's life scientists and healthcare professionals.  


Teaching Aids

a Careers Advisor
Careers Advice Image

We have lots of resources to help you best inform your pupils and enquirers, from prospectuses and course brochures to quizzes and hands-on activities designed to inspire them and help them decide.  We also take part in a range of career's events across the region, where you can pop over to meet us and find out more.  

Careers Advisor

Teddy Bear Hospital

Students with Teddy Bears

The Teddy Bear Hospital is a voluntary project run by university students. We know that visiting hospitals or the doctor’s surgery can be very worrying for young children, and for that reason, the Teddy Bear Hospital tries to provide a fun, friendly and relaxed platform for children to experience these settings.

The aims of Teddy Bear Hospital are:

  • To enable university students to develop their interactive skills with young children
  • To educate children of the local community about medicine, healthy living, basic self-care and wellbeing.
  • To reduce the fear and stigmatisation associated with healthcare environments and allow children to become comfortable in these areas.

Children aged 4-11 years old are encouraged to bring their ‘poorly’ teddies to visit the Teddy Bear Hospital. Through a range of small group stations, we take the children on a journey of a poorly teddy. We start by identifying dangers in a house, who to call if someone gets injured and the professionals they may meet as they progress through a GP practice or hospital.

The Teddy Bear Hospital




Widening Access

Students at a widening access event in the Medical Schools clinical facilities

We are passionate about making medicine, science and healthcare careers accessible to young people from all walks of life. We aim to expand opportunities for young people from a wide range of backgrounds to benefit from higher education through well designed and co-ordinated activities and programmes that increase and support progression to higher education. We also work closely with the South West Wales Reaching Wider Partnership to provide aspiration raising opportunities for school pupils from deprived areas in the region.  

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