Our Business Support Projects

Long-term Multimillion pound projects including Accelerate, CALIN, Patrols, BUCANIER and Beacon work with companies, the NHS and academic partners in Wales, the UK and Europe to deliver impact in life-science communities both regionally and internationally.

Business Support our Projects Offer:

  • Establishing links between business and academia in Wales
  • Develop new products and processes to promote economic growth
  • Create highly skilled jobs in the area of green biotechnology
  • Precision Medicine
  • Regenerative Medicine
  • Biocompatibility and Safety Evaluation


Accelerate Project meeting

The £24million Accelerate programme brings together universities, Health Boards, and Government to grow technological development and sustainability of the life-science technology sector in Wales. 

Key Sector Focus: Health Technologies through the Health Technology Centre (HTC)

Providing Support in the areas of: Commercialisation through provision of innovative technologists working alongside industrial partners to develop the technology or model. 



BEACON research inspecting petri-dish

BEACON is a Welsh Assembly Government funded initiative pioneering the bio-refining technique, using plant material or 'bio-mass' to dramatically reduce the world's dependence on oil. 

Key Sector Focus: Microbiology, Biotechnology, Chemistry and Engineering

Providing support in the areas of: Generating Intellectual Property (IP) and innovation; new products and processes; cost efficiencies; optimising processes; improving business performance and productivity, and driving the development of the different sectors linked to the bio-economy.



Project Members holding BUCANIER sign

BUCANIER is established to support entrepreneurs, researchers, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and social enterprises on the Ireland-Wales border.

Key Sector Focus: Food and Drink, Life Sciences, and Renewable Energy

Providing support in the areas of : Innovation consultancy, application of design-based innovation in new product testing and delivery, and formation of cross-border clusters and networks to promote knowledge transfer.



Calin Project officer in meeting

CALIN operates across South West Wales and South East Ireland offering research and technical expertise, and access to their network in order to support the development of Life-science businesses in the Wales-Ireland border region. 

Key Sector Focus: Regenerative Medicine, Biosensors and Devices, Biocompatibility and Safety Evaluation, and Therapeutics 

Providing support in the areas of: Connecting experts in life-science research and development and 6 University Centres of Excellence in Wales and Ireland unite to offer technology support and facilitate collaborations.