Swansea University's Simulation and Immersive Learning Centre (SUSIM)

Swansea University's Simulation and Immersive Learning Centre (SUSIM) utilises a variety of simulation-based education methodologies to support learners and teams to immerse, reflect and develop through real world scenarios within a one programme multiple sites philosophy.

Our vision for simulation-based education is to embed interprofessional learning throughout our suite of clinical, health, and social care programmes. Our global reputation for healthcare education leaves us best placed to grow this reputation and the use of immersive simulated educational methods into our curriculum for the benefit of our students, teachers and advancing patient, team and system safety practices through hands-on learning.

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Welcome to SUSIM

Here at Swansea University, we are driving forward medical and healthcare training through our state-of-the-art Simulation and Immersive Learning Centre.

Our Technical Team

We value the importance of skilled simulation technologists to support our academic teams in delivering high-quality simulation technology and digital support.

Groundbreaking Work

Our SUSIM Main Campus Centre at Swansea University and St David Park Campus our West Wales site houses one of the largest installations of immersive wall technology and simulation management systems globally.

SUSIM becomes the first University in Wales to obtain the IRIS simulation authoring tool to enhance the standards and collaboration when developing simulation-based education. We run faculty development and technical training programmes and work alongside of healthboard and industry partners on all forms of simulation education and research.

Students undertaking surgery in simulation

Simulation in Practice

Nursing and Graduate Entry student working within simulation suite

We work together so at Swansea we learn and train together too. Learning to work together in highly effective ways enhanced by simulation-based education methods ensures confident and proficient students and healthcare professionals who reflect in and on action and develop open communication and team behaviours.

Growing evidence shows that advanced models of simulation-based learning is of benefit for the learner, and enables us to bring together dispersed sites, expertise, and professions to advance educational experience and outcomes.

We use a hub and spoke model of delivery, enhancing our flexible and agile learning spaces and approach. Our hubs will also allow our students to further develop their skills through independent learning which complements formal teaching sessions and simultaneously supporting individual learner needs.

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