Female student in materials science research lab

Why choose Materials Engineering?

Materials Science and Engineering is the most important subject you have never heard of. It brings together aspects of physics, chemistry, design, maths and even art. It underpins pretty much all the other engineering disciplines and is therefore crucial for developments in mechanical, aerospace, automotive, electrical and civil engineering.

Materials engineers manipulate the structure of a materials to give you the properties you need. So, we can make things stronger, lighter, harder to break, or resistant to degradation. Or we can functionalise them to be better semiconductors, provide stealth qualities or store energy.

Many of the global challenges society faces such as renewable energy, clean transport, health, resource security, and defence will be addressed by materials scientists and engineers.

As a student in the Materials Department, you will have access to some of the most advanced equipment in the UK and have the latest research integrated into your teaching. Our many industrial collaborators, which include Tata Steel, Rolls Royce, GE, GKN, the Royal Mint, BASF, NSG Pilkington§s, DSTL, Akzo Nobel and Mott MacDonald, support the degree through industrial placements, postgraduate scholarships, advice and mentoring and career development.

Our graduates go on to have rewarding careers across multiple sectors and are at the forefront of the latest technological innovations.