All Swansea University students are issued with a Student ID card, sometimes also called a library card.

Your Student ID card allows you to:
  • swipe in to record your attendance at lectures
  • borrow items from the library
  • use the library printing, copying and scanning services
  • access certain study rooms and labs
  • identify yourself at University exams
  • obtain sports and student society memberships
A student using their student ID card to borrow a book at the library self-issue kiosk

How do I get my card?

If you are a new student, you can collect your card after you have enrolled. First, you'll need to upload a photograph for your card. Click the sections below for more information.

Looking after your card

When you've collected your card, be sure to look after it! Please take care not to bend or punch holes in the card, as this can cause damage which can prevent the card from working with some systems.

If your card has been lost or stolen, please report this to MyUni Library as soon as possible.

If you need a replacement card, please visit the MyUni Library Desk at Singleton Park Library or Bay Library, with some photo ID. There is a £4.00 replacement charge for lost or damaged cards.

If you need any help using your card or if it's not working on certain systems, please contact the MyUni Library team who will be happy to help.

Important Notice

You must carry your university ID card with you at all times when on campus and present it to university staff upon request.  Never give your university ID card to anyone else to use under any circumstances.  If you are unable to attend lectures in person, you should inform your department. If you are unable to collect library items in person, you should inform MyUni Library.  Improper use of your university ID card can result in you receiving a formal warning and further action may be taken by the university.  This may include removal from your course.