Welcome to Swansea University!

All current students are issued with a Swansea University ID card, sometimes called a Library card.

Here you can find out how to collect your ID card, what to use it for and where you can get help.

Please do not attend ID Card Collection venues before referring to the information below.

Blue and white graphic of a bank ID card

What do I need to do to collect my ID Card?

Please refer to the checklist below before ID Card Collection:

  • Upload a passport style photo so that we can print a card in advance of your visit. 
  • Complete enrolment before proceeding to ID Card Collection.
  • Check your collection venue and opening hours. Further information below.
  • Remember to bring the passport which you uploaded, or the alternative ID you sent to Student Records, with you.
  • Remember to wear a mask to the collection venue.

When and where can I collect my ID card?

What is my ID card for and where can I get help?