Student Experience at the IISTL

At the IISTL, we look to offer a superb experience to each of our students. Hear more from our LLM students, with our case studies below.

Zoya Mehandzhiyska (Bulgaria)

Zoya Mehandzhiyska

"My Swansea memories are some of the dearest I have. The dreamy university campus and the colourful people I met made my experience wholesome and worthwhile.

I consider myself extremely privileged to have met and to have been taught by some of the best lecturers.

During my student years I was always very involved not only with the academic but also the social life. I was part of many clubs and was the student representative for the LLM which led to me going on a Law cultural exchange programme in China."

Themis Margaritis (Greece)

Themis Margaritis

"I chose the LLM because it is a world-leading program, well recognised in both the UK and international markets. IISTL consists of prominent academics, who take a practical-oriented approach to teaching and are very attentive to their students’ needs. Since graduating, I have qualified as a Solicitor in England and Wales, and the solid foundation in English law I gained during my time in Swansea was invaluable in that respect.

Without any hesitation, I would strongly recommend Swansea University to anyone considering a career in maritime law."

Rui Hao (China)

Rui Hao

"The opportunities provided to network with industry professionals were very helpful. Through these opportunities, I was able to gain
insights into the workings of the marine insurance industry, and I made connections that have supported me in my professional journey.

But to me Swansea was more than an academic institution. The campus was a welcoming community where I made friends from diverse backgrounds.

The university provided opportunities for me to participate in a range of activities that exposed me to new cultures and experiences, broadening my perspectives and shaping my personal growth."

Kirsten Jackson (UK)

Kirsten Jackson

"Completing my LLM at Swansea was my most rewarding academic qualification. The relationships I developed with my lecturers and classmates will be cherished.

I participated in Mooting which provided me with the opportunity to appear before Lord Clarke in the Supreme Court, which I would otherwise have been unlikely to have experienced.

Since completing my LLM I have relocated from South Africa to the UK and qualified as a Solicitor of the Senior Courts of England and Wales. I hope to inspire future generations to consider undertaking an LLM at Swansea, as well as considering a career in shipping."

Sagun Sudhir (India)

Sagun Sudhir

"Pursuing an LLM from Swansea has truly been a rewarding experience. It was a privilege to be taught by professors who are the leading authorities in the field.

The University maintains a close connection with some of the London-based leading law firms, P&I Clubs, insurance brokers, etc., which opens the door to a vast number of networking opportunities. Some of the highlights included participating in a moot competition
presided over by Lord Mance at the Supreme Court."

Puneet Sareen (India)

Puneet Sareen

"There is a difference in being taught by lecturers, and being taught by world-renowned academics.

At Swansea University, I experienced the latter. The faculty is well-known for their expertise in the industry, which I experienced first-hand when discussing my job interviews in premium organisations in this field.

Needless to say, the knowledge which I acquired at Swansea has helped me deal with varied complex scenarios in my roles at both workplaces with relative ease."

Munhak Pahk (South Korea)

Munhak Pahk

"My LLM at Swansea has changed my practice as a Korean lawyer. This is because the study in maritime laws such as carriage of goods by sea, charter party, admiralty law and marine insurance has made me substantially equipped as a shipping lawyer. Seminars and lectures, short-term coursework and long-term coursework have really been helpful for my career.

I will not forget the kindness and hospitality the professors and staff showed me and my family. Since coming back to my hometown, Busan, a world-class international port in South Korea, I am working as senior lawyer at Sejin LLC."

Martin Karst (Denmark)

Martin Karst

"From day one, I felt that the programme was structured to provide the very best content. The teaching staff were not only
engaged and invested in each of the students and their development, but were also recognised experts within their respective fields.

The programme gave us the perfect frame for meeting and building relations with people from all over the world, with different
backgrounds and objectives, but with the same interest in the fields of law and business. My time at Swansea gave me a critical
foundation and advantage when pursuing a career in shipping and international trade."

Angeliki Kappatou (Greece)

Angeliki Kappatou

"The Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu said: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” The beginning, therefore, of one’s journey is essential.

As a law student yearning to pursue a career in the challenging world of shipping that first step was taken with Swansea and has led to a
career with over a decade of experience within the shipping sector.

Now, I am General Counsel at Celestyal Cruises, responsible for the effective management of the internal legal department, providing
expert and strategic legal advice to the CEO, Executive Committee and Management on all high-level projects and business plans."

Abdul Fahl (Syria)

Abdul Fahl

"The Institute of International Shipping & Trade Law is a meeting place of people from different cultures, knowledge and experience with an experienced teaching team and resourceful library.

I found the course offered a comprehensive background on key issues within the field of maritime law, as well as providing excellent opportunities for students to put the methods learnt into practice.

I currently work for the TT Club’s office in Dubai as a Director leading the Club’s business development operation in the Middle East and Africa."

Fabio Cerasuolo (Italy)

Fabio Cerasuolo

"After completing my LLM, I joined d’Amico, a major shipowner active both in the dry and tanker sectors, and I currently serve as Maritime Legal Manager at the Monaco office.

The LLM provided me with an absolutely solid foundation in maritime law thanks to top-notch teaching staff, with a down-to-earth approach, who possess a thorough knowledge of a wide range of both theoretical and practical issues arising in the shipping sector."

Huseyin Kilcik (Turkey)

Huseyin Kilcik

"Swansea University’s LLM in International Maritime Law was the key to me reaching my dreams so early. I secured my first job in London while I was still studying at Swansea; it was stunning to see how much recruiters and employers appreciated the maritime law studies at Swansea.

I can attest that the Swansea LLM gives you a thorough knowledge of all aspects of maritime law, but also enables you to link this knowledge to the practical side of the marine industry, which makes the LLM in Maritime Law the leading option."

Mayank Suri (India)

Mayank Suri

"Studying at Swansea University opened a world of opportunities for me. The LLM in International Maritime Law is well-balanced with practical topics and theory being taught side-by-side.

The dedicated faculty and staff make the experience of studying at Swansea conducive to learning. I would highly recommend anyone trying to enter the global industries of maritime and aviation to study at Swansea. The short-term assessments, written exams and thesis model allows you to be equipped for the professional world straight after their LLM."

David Vajnai (Hungary)

David Vajnai

"Swansea opened a new chapter in my life: it added a strong pillar to my education, built long-lasting friendships, and anchored my enthusiasm for marine insurance. One of the things that impressed me was that lecturers didn’t treat us as just ‘one of many’ despite the large number of students. The academic support was outstanding, especially during the dissertation.

After graduating, I stayed in London and established a career as an insurance broker, specialising in marine, offshore oil and gas, and power risks. What I learned at Swansea is applicable to my work and enabled me to progress my career."

Lea Fournier (France)

Lea Fournier

"I have so many fond memories of studying at Swansea. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made, not only for my professional career but also for my personal growth.

Today, 5 years after my studies, I am a Project Finance Lawyer (a term I had never heard of before my LLM!) working for a British law firm based in Paris, with a specialty in the renewable energies sector, more specifically, offshore wind power. All roads lead to the sea."

Siddharth Mahajan (India)

Siddharth Mahajan

"The experience Swansea offered was exceptional. The one thing that contributed the most has to be the lecturers. Warm, knowledgeable, supportive, and inspirational are some of the words that come to mind. I would like to thank one lecturer in particular, Dr Nikaki, who is sadly not with us anymore.

I have spoken to a lot of seafarers since I completed my LLM. The question they always ask is should they go for this course and if so, which university is recommended. The answer is always “yes and your destination has to be Swansea”

Sean Markwei (Ghana)

Sean Markwei

"The Law School and university have staff and students from a plethora of cultural and educational backgrounds, who contribute to enriching your experience and student life.

The staff always made time to offer advice and a friendly ear, to explain taught concepts, or after coursework grades are released, and offer advice on career paths as well."

Pino Musolino (Italy)

Pino Musolino

"My time in Swansea has been amazing: outstanding course, extremely knowledgeable professors, state-of-the-art facilities, great sports activities, a vibrant city, and a varied cohort from all over the planet.

Completing my LLM was the starting point of a very rewarding career in the international shipping environment allowing to me to work in Antwerp, Singapore and then back in Italy in places such as Venice and Rome. I would advise any young student to focus on their dreams and definitely choose Swansea as the place to begin a very fruitful career."

Rosslynn Yin (UK)

Rosslynn Yinn

"Swansea was the place where I had ALL the fun! I met my now husband there, I was elected as the Student Society representative to the Student Union for a year, I actively ran a society, and participated in many others.

Since leaving Swansea, I have completed my training contract in the Manchester office of Eversheds Sutherland LLP. I have since moved to a litigation firm, Asserson Law Offices, where I have expanded my practice. I
specialise in complex high value commercial disputes, and have acted on high profile cases heavily reported in the both the mainstream and legal press."

Nidhi Potla (India)

Nidhi Potla

"With Maritime Law being a niche field, I was in dire need of a combination of the practical and theoretical aspects of Maritime Law and Swansea University’s programme is indeed an absolute mix of the theoretical and practical legal aspects of the shipping world.

I am having the most scintillating time in Swansea University, as it has provided me with a plethora of opportunities to excel my skills. Our university holds guest lectures by the most prominent shipping practitioners and maritime lawyers. I have a huge cohort of international acquaintances and friends from all around the world and I feel privileged to be able to expand my network and horizons in the practicing industry.

The Professors at Swansea University train you to be professional leaders in the Shipping Industry, although we have a versatile range of students on the course, the professors have never failed to address and communicate to each of us effectively."

Arda Emir Gokcen (Turkey)

Arda Emir Gokcen“I am very happy that I have chosen Swansea University as the destination for my LLM in International Maritime Law. The quality of the programme is simply excellent. The LLM curriculum is very wide, covering different aspects of maritime law, which  will be very useful in your professional life. The modules are taught by very knowledgeable and experienced lectures who are always there to help you to achieve your goals. Moreover, the LLM degree offers you many opportunities to further your career aspirations in the maritime field, such as networking events, visits to P&I Clubs, offers for internships and like. If you are interested in studying International Maritime Law, Swansea University is certainly the right choice.”

Tongtong Wu (China)

Tongtong Wu"My experience of studying an LLM in Swansea University was great, not only because the faculty has been very helpful and friendly, but also because of the well-organised courses and other extra-curricular activities. I am glad that I chose Swansea because I have been privileged to learn Maritime Law from internationally recognised experts in the field. All lecturers are very passionate about their subjects and this passion encourages us to do our best. The teaching team is always there to offer help on academic work and advice on our future career. In addition to lectures, I have had the opportunity to attend several guest lectures from active practitioners and experts during the year, as well as events with P&I Clubs in London which were organised by the Department. Swansea is a great place to live and study. Another great advantage of Swansea is that the LLM course is extremely multi-national so you get to meet people from all around the world"

Francisco Gross (Brazil)

Francisco Gross"After 12 years of practice, including 4 years dealing with international trade and maritime law cases, I chose to study at Swansea University due to the high recommendations that I received from an alumni and colleagues within the industry. I am fully satisfied with the choice that I made. I have already studied 2 masters but this has been the most challenging and demanding master that I have pursued but it has definitely been worth it. The level of knowledge that I have acquired during my LLM has been outstanding and it has complemented the experience that I have gained during my time in practice. All of the lecturers are highly educated and deliver their knowledge in a very challenging and enthusiastic way. They challenge you to excel and I believe that this is true teaching. Also, the examinations are focussed on practical problems which differentiates this Department from other Postgraduate Departments. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Swansea, the efforts that I have put into my year have definitely been worth it."  

Margarita Bartzi (Greece)

Margarita Bartzi"My time at Swansea was invaluable. The picturesque city provided an excellent environment for quick breaks during my studies and the nightlife was unforgettable. Working in small and interactive seminar groups and being taught by the elite of academics, the LLM programme was intense and demanding but at the same time, enriching and life-changing. I would recommend the Swansea LLM degrees to any student looking for an unmatched opportunity to deepen his law knowledge and live the ultimate learning experience through travelling and studying abroad in a highly international environment"

David Palmer (United Kingdom)

David Palmer"Having completed my undergraduate law degree at Swansea, I decided to undertake an LLM because the course looked really interesting. I was able to choose from a wide selection of modules and found my chosen subjects to be very enjoyable. The course is interesting and challenging and I'd strongly recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about commercial and/or maritime law. The lecturers are very approachable and run stimulating lectures and seminars. I think this course has been well worth my time and effort and a very enjoyable and useful experience."

Omar Cordova-Cordovi (Peru)

Omar Cordova-Cordovi

Since day one, I have felt welcomed and encouraged to gain knowledge in every lesson and at every step. Swansea provides an environment in which the discussion of ideas is stimulated, and I could not be more impressed.

Regarding the approach to teaching, I would like to emphasise that being taught in person by the professors is something I am enjoying, since in my home country the approach is different.

As a final thought, I would like to reiterate my appreciation to the teachers, staff and fellow classmates; the whole combination is making this experience unforgettable, and it also confirms that I made the right decision. I am eager to see all what Swansea has to offer next.

Omkar Joshi (India)

Omkar Joshi

Any university education should have at least two objectives. Firstly, it should provide you with the required skills in the specific area of education. Secondly, it should enhance your confidence to venture out into the world.

While handling marine claims, I felt the need to further my education in maritime law, and I explored law schools offering such courses. That is when I came across Swansea University and chose them due to their program is reputable in the industry. Moreover, I came across the books and other materials published by the teaching faculty at the University, and naturally, I desired to gain knowledge from such learned professors. Overall, I was impressed by the fact that the faculty is very accessible and encouraging.

The other departments of the University are supportive as well. I applied for the University during Covid times, but the admissions team ensured that the process was pleasant and provided me with regular updates. I got introduced to the University's SWELT (Swansea University English Language Test) during the admissions process - which I believe is a brilliant platform.

As a law student, I spend a substantial amount of time in the library, and the law library at Swansea is excellent. The law librarians and the staff are very supportive and eager to help. Additionally, the Employability sessions and SEA (Swansea Employability Academy) are great initiatives taken by the University to assist students towards seeking employment.

Lastly, the University's campus has a great vibe, being surrounded by parks and beaches. Swansea University has created a well-articulated ecosystem that is well equipped to deliver the knowledge and confidence to the students required for future challenges

Camillo Melotti Caccia (Italy)

Camillo Melotti Caccia"When I decided to study Maritime Law at postgraduate level, the first question was which University I should apply for. Partners of important maritime law firm in Italy suggested that I should look for an innovative and ambitious University with a high quality academic staff. Swansea was my winning choice. I spent a challenging and demanding year but at the end, I got more than what I expected.”

Chong Kean Ng (Malaysia)

Chong Ng"I researched the Universities which offer LLM in International Maritime Law and quickly realised that Swansea University has an excellent reputation for the course. It is worth mentioning that the University is well-known for this sector and particularly the Institute of International Shipping and Trade has very strong links with the legal practice. I thoroughly benefited from my time in Swansea which culminated in my participation in the International Colloquium annually organised by the Institution. My fellow coursemates were of a huge amount of diversity of backgrounds and ages. The camaraderie was extremely strong and collectively working together in the library after lectures and seminars and organising various type of social activities really pull us together. Such is very important in creating a conducive studying environment for the students."

Vanessa Warrlich (Germany)

Vanessa Warrlich“Pursuing my LLM in International Commercial Law at Swansea University was an excellent decision. The combination of interesting lectures, caring professors, lovely fellow students and the city’s location directly by the sea made my LLM an outstanding year. I expanded my knowledge in fascinating fields of commercial law, which were taught vividly by my professors. The practice-oriented teaching increased my interest in the field and motivated me to learn and prepare for the courses. In the end, my endeavours were even rewarded with the IP Wales Student Prize. The year abroad has certainly broadened my academic and social horizons. Additionally, living at the coast enabled me to go surfing in my leisure time. The area around Swansea is particularly nice and offers various possibilities for outdoor sports. Finally, getting to know the friendly Welsh culture and making new friends were the icing on the cake.”

Filippos Alexandrakis (Greece)

Filippos Alexandrakis (Greece)

“Swansea University is considered as a top tier law school in maritime law. Its distinguished academics, its strong ties with the shipping industry and the wide variety of subjects provided to the students make it the best choice for someone who wants to acquire solid knowledge and understanding of maritime law. The job that is done here by the professors is of high level and I am glad with the choice I made!”

Shazia Bint Ashraf (India)

Shazia Bint Ashraf (India)

“The Shipping and Trade Law department at Swansea University is well known in the maritime scene. It was an obvious choice from the get go.

What sealed the deal was the way the University dealt with my application. I wasn't treated like a faceless application. All my queries were addressed in a personable manner. It was obvious that staff were warm and welcoming, they still are. It felt like coming home.“

Rachelle Campbell (Jamaica)

Rachelle Campbell (Jamaica)

“Why Swansea? High ranking, award winning, internationally recognised programme with high levels of alumni job placement and reputable lecturers that are leaders in their fields. But most of all... location. Swansea University is located between the beach and parks. As a nature lover, being surrounded by the calm that nature brings provides me with peace of mind whilst managing the workload to achieve success in my programme.”

Milana Tomic (Montenegro)

Milana Tomic (Montenegro)

“I decided to study the LLM in Maritime Law at Swansea University because of the modern and innovative approach to teaching. Swansea University is internationally recognised as a leading institution in the field of maritime law. Modules are practically orientated and are designed to prepare students for the real market after graduation.

Also, the Shipping and Trade Department provides many extracurricular activities such as seminars with guest lecturers and mooting opportunities where students can have insight into practice and develop their skills to apply the law to the facts. Furthermore, the department organises many conferences outside the University, in maritime organisations and law firms where students are provided with the opportunity to network with leaders in the field. It is undoubtedly the best match for my future career.”

Alvhilde M. Austad (Norway)

Alvhilde Austad"My year studying Maritime Law in Swansea exceeded my expectations. The Department of Shipping and Trade Law offers an international study environment, with interactive seminars in small groups, great lecturing and advice. The lecturers are not only highly dedicated and knowledgeable, but also very easy to approach. They are always ready to assist you. The city has also a lot to offer. After an intensive day of studying, you can relax by either going to a pub for a drink or pursuing a wide-range of outdoor activities. I truly believe that studying for an LLM at Swansea University will be a pleasant experience, providing you with the tools you need to be successful in your professional life"

Jekaterina Babakova (Latvia)

Jekatarina Babakova"Throughout my entire career as a student LL.M in Maritime and Commercial Law at Swansea was the best experience.   First, you will not be just a number at the registry. Personalized approach, work in a small and interactive seminar groups, supervision, lecturing, and advice by the leading experts is guaranteed. It is beautiful area inspiring academic research and independent study, offering wide range of extracurricular activities, vigorous night life and truly international environment.  It was a year of hard, intensive, demanding work on a daily basis. For those who wish to make more than a regular law degree I highly recommend Swansea."

Jummai Abarshi (Nigeria)

Jummai Abarshi“From the very day I stepped into the Law School, I knew that my choice was the right one! The learning environment created here is impressive. My tutors are absolutely brilliant: dedicated to their work, enthusiastic,knowledgeable and very approachable. You can always be sure of receiving a helping hand here!”

Diego Barría (Chile)

Diego Barria"Coming from such a distance place it was really a tough decision to take the Swansea LLM. However, as soon as I arrive to the City and the lectures began I realized that I had made the best decision. Both the City and the University have a wonderful environment, coupled with the very high quality of the professors made my LLM a very complete and useful experience. Without a doubt after finishing the program my working skills improved dramatically, allowing me to take part in shipping cases at another level"

Marine De Geofroy (Switzerland)

Marine De Geofroy"Choosing Swansea University to study an LLM in International Maritime Law was an evidence for a person as competitive as I am, given that it is ranked 1st in Europe. Not only Swansea University provided me with the best teaching/practical approach I could hope for, but the whole staff has always been there to mentor and support me in order to surpass myself and apply/participate in (networking) events which are most suitable for me, with respect to my personal and individual goals. In that respect, I fully fulfilled them, thanks to Swansea University, as I get to take part to an exchange program to one of the most prestigious University in China and have received a job offer, which is, let’s face it, the major purpose when you decide to complete an LLM". 

Carlos Angulo Jovane (Panama)

Carlos Angulo Jovane“Swansea University has definitely exceeded my expectations. The LLM programme has expanded my Maritime Law knowledge, and has provided me with the right tools to develop a successful career in the International Maritime world. The quality of lecturers is remarkable, and the information provided is enriching. This year has proven to be one of the best experiences of my life. The quiet environment Swansea provides, coupled with the great learning experience makes this LLM the best choice. Needless to say, that the LLM obtained in Swansea University, has played an important role in my development as a successful maritime lawyer.”

Anton Kossinov (Estonia)

Anton Kossinov“Studying in LLM program in Maritime Law in Swansea University has proved to be a unique and invaluable experience. Truly international in terms of professors, content and class, this program gave me the taste of real scholarly approach to maritime law. It provided me with knowledge of high practical value, which I now use in my job in insurance sector. It also helped me meet great new friends from all over the world. Besides Swansea is a beautiful town, perfect for studying and occasional day-off, and South Wales in large is a must-see corner of the world for everybody.”

María Magdalena Oriol Lapetra (Spain)

Maria Magdalena"The LLM at Swansea University has been one of the best experiences that I have ever had. Teaching and learning is practical and clear. For instance, the seminars enhanced my understanding of the legal concepts taught in the lectures and also developed my ability to apply the law to the facts. The LLM degree requires daily work which certainly pays off as at the end of the course, students will have acquired an in-depth knowledge of maritime law. In addition, the assessment methods are designed to prepare us for the real live in the legal profession. The courseworks made me dive deeper in some areas, and also clarify concepts. The LLM teaching team has also given us the opportunity to take part in very interesting conferences, networking events and other activities, such as the mooting competition, which was a great experience for me in my capacity as litigator. As a lawyer, I can say that during my LLM at Swansea,  I have been not only learning but also practising law. I also felt that the student support at the Department of Shipping and Trade Law is exceptional, making my year at Swansea more comfortable."

Irene Manoli (Cyprus)

Irene Manoli"The one year of my LLM study at Swansea University was the most beneficial in my academic life. I will never forget the first days at School and the positive feelings I had because of the staff’s approach. Everybody was there to assist you and I never felt alone. The organizational structure of the course and the passion of the lecturers for maritime issues affected me in order to study harder and think in depth interesting matters. The supervision and advices helped me in order to be more creative and study independently. At the end of the day,  I am truly satisfied with my choice and definitely if you are interested in studying International Maritime Law, the School of Law at Swansea University is a 'must'."

David Montin (France)

David Montin“My time at Swansea was one I will never regret. Knowing very little of Wales and of maritime law before I set foot on the campus, I found myself involved from the get go with the exciting manner of teaching and learning, and the student life generally. Very complex areas of law were taught with expertise and clarity and the professors sought with success to combine practicality with legal theory, with a personalized touch. The precision and rigour in legal analysis I perfected in Swansea proved to be absolutely invaluable during my internships in law firms. Life in Swansea was very pleasant, the international community, the quiet and beautiful landscapes, the warmth and hospitality of the Welsh, were all propitious to making lifelong friends, visiting the country, socializing down at the pub and studying”

Amer Nabulsi (Jordan)

Amer Nabulsi"LLM in International Commercial Law at Swansea University has been a challenging but also a very enjoyable experience for me. Students from all around the world are attracted to this centre of excellence and have the chance to develop themselves mainly as a result of the immense support given by the School. Thanks to the LLM experience I had at Swansea, I am now capable of analysing legal concepts from various perspectives. I also believe that I have developed research skills which will definitely be a great asset in my professional career."

Vladislava Todorova (Bulgaria)

Vladislava Todorova"If you are looking for a place to challenge yourself and improve your knowledge and skills, Swansea University is the right choice for you. You will be taught by academics who are also closely linked to the maritime world. If you decide to attend Swansea University, you are choosing high quality education and an opportunity to be one step closer to your goals. All of the academics are extremely helpful and discuss various topics with the students. Also, you will be offered various opportunities to hone your skills. For example, I was a member of the Department's Mooting team which reached the finals of the Second National Moot Competition in Commercial and Maritime Law. This competition was attended by 11 teams from Universities all over the UK. As a student of the LLM programmes at Swansea University, you will be able to build connections with people from all over the world which will help you in your future success."

Joren Van Hamme (Belgium)

Joren Van Hamme"My year at Swansea University truly fulfilled all my expectations. A motivated teaching team, and international environment, an up to date library and plenty of pubs to relax and catch up with your friends after a hard day of work! I believe that pursuing an LLM at Swansea University will provide you with all the knowledge you need to succeed in the maritime world. Moreover, the seminars, which take place in small groups, will enable you to develop your skills to speak up for a group and defend your point of view on a particular matter. Studying at Swansea University...never a dull moment!"

Monaji F. Zamakhchary (Saudi Arabia)

Monaji F Zamakhchary“The University was awarded the Best Student Experience award by the Times Higher Education Supplement in 2005. My experience at Swansea Law School was certainly my best student experience.”