A worldwide reputation in the field of shipping and trade law

The Institute of International Shipping and Trade Law was established in 2000 as a specialist research and professional training centre within Swansea University's School of Law.

It promotes research and teaching of the highest standard in the fields of international shipping and trade law; and fosters co-operation with other academic institutions and professional, commercial, shipping, insurance and business organisations.

Over the last decade, the IISTL has gained a world-wide reputation for its contribution to research, policy-making, professional training and teaching in these areas.

The Annual Colloquium, first held in 2005, is a highlight of the academic year concerning maritime law in Europe and beyond. It has addressed the following issues over the years: 

The IISTL maintains close connections with leading maritime and international organisations including maritime research centres at Dalian, Oslo, Rotterdam, Shanghai and in Tromsø and with the:

  • International Maritime Organisation
  • British Insurance Law Association
  • British Maritime Law Association
  • Comité Maritime International

Several IISTL members have been involved in the debate on reforming aspects of shipping and insurance law, at domestic and international levels. Some have served on working groups of inter-governmental organisations or provided legal advice to key NGOs and institutions.   ‌         

The IISTL operates a wide variety of professional courses for directors, managers and employees of shipping corporations, as well as a bespoke training programme for young solicitors working in the City Law firms. The IISTL also works closely with shipping organisations, such as the BIMCO, in organising professional training courses.

Several members offer consultancy services on various aspects of maritime and shipping law or help deliver the School’s LLM programmes in Commercial, Maritime, Trade, Oil, Gas and Renewable Energy, and Intellectual Property Law.                 

Membership of IISTL has grown considerably and it is proud to be one of the largest specialist research centres in Europe dedicated to shipping and trade law. It has a substantial research library of specialist materials available to IISTL members, PhD students and visiting scholars.

The award-winning IP Wales, which raises understanding of Intellectual Property among Welsh businesses, operates under the auspices of the IISTL.