We understand that you have so much to think about when preparing to leave home to move abroad (often for the first time) and this can cause you some anxiety. Don't worry! In this section you'll find everything you need to help yourself prepare as fully as possible for your new life in Swansea - before you leave home. Please make sure you also use our Pre arrival and onboarding checklist: international students to reassure you that you haven’t forgotten anything.

If you will be needing a Visa to study in the UK, our comprehensive Visas and Immigration information will help to guide and support you through that process.

If you are planning to bring a dependant spouse, partner or children with you, please visit the International Families section, This has important information, such as eligibility requirements. You’ll also be able to download our ‘Guide for Families – this gives useful guidance on things like accommodation, schools and childcare, and much more.

In the UK Banking and Finances section you can find comprehensive information about UK finances, living costs and banking.

Thinking about finding part-time work whilst you are studying? Our 'Working during your studies' section will tell you all you need to know to stay safe and legal.

In order to assist you with planning your onward journey once you have reached the UK, alongside understanding the various housing options available- and guidance on seeking and securing short and longer term accommodation, we have a UK Travel & Accommodation: International Students' Guide.

Finally, our International Students' Information Guide is a comprehensive resource for international students coming to live and study in Wales. It includes detailed information about many aspects of Welsh life as well UK culture and more practical tips dealing with shopping, transport, health and support available to you - both inside and outside the University. Our students find this an invaluable go to resource once they get here but you might like to have a read of it to as part of your preparations. You could even print a copy to bring with you - why not read it on the 'plane?!