How much does living in Swansea really cost?

Although the cost of living in Swansea is more than 20% cheaper than London and is very good value for the UK, it may still be considerably more expensive then living costs at home.

In the last 12-18 months, we have seen more and more students arriving, many with families, who have an unrealistic expectation of living costs in the UK. Many believe that as long as they can get into the UK, then working and/or the University will provide them with enough income to support them during their time here. In the vast majority of cases, this is simply not true, especially for those travelling with families. As a result we see students getting into financial hardship and, sometimes, having to leave the UK before they have managed to complete their studies. We do not want this to happen to anyone!

It is important that you properly know and understand about UK finances before you choose to come to the UK. If you have a family you should know that you can find them suitable and affordable housing, as well as arrive in proper time for the start of the School term, before you travel. Failure to do so can be extremely stressful for you and especially any children who may be travelling with you.

IMPORTANT: Remember that the cost of living is subject to inflation and that the UK is currently seeing a significant rise in areas such as food, rent and utility bills (gas and electric etc.)

The UK Government expects all international students, who are coming under University Student Route immigration sponsorship, to have all the money for their fees plus significant living costs in place before travelling to the UK. You must sign an affidavit to say any money that you are using in a visa application is solely for that purpose. If you use money that does not legally belong to you- this is deception and you could face a 10 year immigration ban if caught. Moreover, you are being asked to show this money as it means that you will be able to settle and study in the UK safely- which is the primary reason students should be coming to the UK.

Example: currently a 12 month Masters student, would need £9,207 living costs (plus all their study fees) and each dependant needs £6,120. All applicants would also need to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge plus the visa fee (at point of application) totalling £1,068 each. If our example Masters student had a spouse and 2 children, they would need to have £31,839 in place before coming to the UK.

We have comprehensive information about how much money you need for your visa in our Finances for Student Visa Applications and additional information for Families in our Immigration for Dependants and Families- International Students web sections.