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Do I need a visa?

EU/EEASwiss nationals do not currently require a visa to come to the UK and can continue to travel to the UK using a national identity card or passport. However, immigration will become mandatory from 31st December 2020 (at the earliest) and some routes, such as the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS) are already open for applications. Please check our EU/EEA/Swiss staff pages to find out the latest information and how to make a (free) EUSS application once you have arrived in the UK.

Non EU/EEA nationals are required to apply for immigration permission (visa) to study, work or undertake research in the UK. Some nationals must always apply overseas before coming to the UK, known as visa-nationals. Some nationals can apply at a UK Border (airport), known as non-visa nationals.

Whether you need to apply to apply overseas (visa-national) or you can apply at the UK border (non-visa national) depends on your nationality, what you are doing in the UK and how long you want to stay. You can check your own status on the Check if I need a visa? section of the UKVI website. 

Visa nationalsNon-visa nationals
  • Must always apply for a visa before coming to the UK, regardless of the purpose or length of visit
  • Apply at the earliest 3 months before travel
  • UKVI List of visa nationals
  • May request permission to be granted at a UK border if coming (as a Standard Visitor. Short Term Student or Academic Visitor) for less than 6 months. Must still be able to show eligibility for permission to enter at the border (e.g. funds, purpose of visit, intention to leave)
  • If you are coming as a Standard Visitor (Academic Visitor) for longer than 6 months, you must apply for a visa overseas before travelling to the UK
  • Students coming in under Tier 4 must always apply for this visa before travelling, it cannot be granted at a UK border

What visa do I need?

Please read the Quick Guide to UK visas for Visitors to help you work out which is the appropriate immigration route (visa) for your required visit to the UK: 

Further detailed information on each visa route can be found below:

You can find out more about how to apply for a visa from this UKVI leaflet – Visa information for the UK

If the activity or reason for the visit is not covered within the above options, please download and complete the attached Visitor questionnaire and contact International@CampusLife for further advice.

Visitors for Open Days or conference

International Visitors coming for a one-off event such as the University Open Day or short conference should apply for a Standard Visitor visa. The University does not provide supporting letters or documents for such events. Open Day visitors can print out the booking from Eventbrite to include with their visa application to demonstrate purpose of visiting the UK.