Please see the below information about current UKVI concession announcements

The UKVI are keen to support anybody in the UK, who is genuinely affected by COVID-19, and is subsequently at risk of breaching immigration conditions through no fault of their own.

In order to prevent people from becoming overstayers they have brought in some temporary concessions. Please read the options below carefully and take action as advised.

If you are outside the UK.

These concessions do not cover you. 

Do not come back to the UK without first checking academic situation on the Swansea University Coronavirus web pages. You should not expect to come back to the UK if there is no academic reason for you to do so (for example, your course, exams or resits are to be delivered wholly online). The University cannot issue CAS for courses that have no UK based engagement- so make sure you are checking where your course will be delivered.

If you are continuing, or starting a new course, with UK based teaching and you do not have sufficient time on your current visa to complete the course, you should apply for a fresh visa to come back to the UK from your home country to avoid any issues. Full and comprehensive guidance can be found on the Making a Tier 4 visa from overseas page.

If you are inside the UK

URGENT: If you are in the UK, you have a visa ending between 24th January 2020 and 31st August 2020 and you are starting a course between now and October 1st 2020, for which you do not have the correct visa, please email the international@campuslife team to see if we can support you in making an application under the UKVI concessions. 

The UKVI made an announcement on 30th July 2020 that updated previous concessions. This included information that students whose leave is until 31st July 2020 (including those who had their leave extended under the previous concession) will be given a 'Grace Period' until 31st August 2020 to leave the UK OR to update their visa.

It also says that most students whose visas end in August (up to 31st August 2020) can also apply to make a visa application in the UK (email the International@Campuslife team if you need to check whether you can apply to extend your visa in the UK).

This is good news for most students whose visas end in August.

This announcement states:

If you had a visa that expired between 24 January 2020 and 31 July 2020 you were able to request an extension if you were not able to return home because of travel restrictions or self-isolation related to coronavirus (COVID-19).

Now travel restrictions are lifting globally you will no longer be able to extend your visa automatically on this basis and you are expected to take all reasonable steps to leave the UK where it is possible to do so or apply to regularise your stay in the UK.

If you decide to leave the UK

To allow time to make the necessary arrangements to leave the UK, if you have a visa or leave that was due to expire between the 24 January 2020 and 31 August 2020, you’ll be able to stay within the UK to 31 August 2020.

From 1 to 31 August 2020, the conditions of your stay in the UK will be the same as the conditions of your leave. So, if your conditions allowed you to work, study or rent accommodation you may continue to do so during August 2020 ahead of your departure.

You do not need to contact the Home Office to tell us you are able to leave the UK during the grace period up until the 31 August.

If you intend to leave the UK but are not able to do so by 31 August 2020, you may request additional time to stay, also known as ‘exceptional indemnity’, by contacting the coronavirus immigration team (CIT).

The indemnity does not grant you leave but will act as a short-term protection against any adverse action or consequences after your leave has expired.

The Coronavirus Immigration Team will provide you with further advice on what you need to do to request an indemnity. This will include providing details of the reason why you are unable to leave the UK and supporting evidence, for example, a confirmed flight ticket with a date after 31 August or confirmation of a positive coronavirus test result.

If you intend to stay in the UK

If you decide to stay in the UK, you should apply for the necessary leave to remain in the UK. You’ll also be able to submit an application form from within the UK where you would usually need to apply for a visa from your home country.

You’ll need to meet the requirements of the route you’re applying for and pay the UK application fee. This includes those whose leave expires before 31 August 2020.

The terms of your leave will remain the same until your application is decided. If you are switching into work or study routes you may be able to commence work or study whilst your application is under consideration .

If you have overstayed your leave

If your visa or leave expired between 24 January 2020 and 31 August 2020 there will be no future adverse immigration consequences if you didn’t make an application to regularise your stay during this period. However, you must now do so by 31 August 2020 or make arrangements to leave the UK.