We understand that many of you will be considering whether to bring your families with you to the UK while you are studying and if so when this should be.

We also understand that the May 23 UK Government announcement regarding immigration for dependants has caused some sector/student worry. As far as we are aware (July 23) any student whose course starts before the 1st January 2024 will not be affected by any rule changes. Their family members should be able to apply to come to the UK as a dependant any time up to the course end date (they do not have to make their submission before the 1st January 24). Students whose courses start after 1st January 24 will be affected, although we have no detail regarding that yet. We will update our information as and when information is provided by the Government.

As bringing family to the UK is such a big decision, it is important that we provide you with information to help you work out what is best for you and your family - whether this is just a wife/husband/partner or if you have dependant children as well.

Below you will find links to key information resources for students with families.

Our Dependants: International Students page has lots of guidance around immigration for families. This includes eligibility, costs and how/when you can make a visa application.

There is currently a family housing crisis in, not just Swansea, but Wales/the UK. Therefore, it is vital that you do not bring your family to the UK until you have secured appropriate family accommodation. This may mean you have to come to the UK first and bring them later. Please see our UK Travel and Accommodation: An International Student Guide for comprehensive information around finding accommodation and wider housing issues that you need to be aware of.

It is very important that you are considering the information contained within the UK Living Costs and Finances - International Students page. Living in the UK may be considerably more expensive than you think - you must ensure that you have realistic expectations as well as all necessary funds before you decide to bring family to the UK to join you.

Our Information for International Families page has loads of information on things you'll need to think about when planning a move to the UK. This includes details of finances, how to apply to schools, information on working for dependants and much more. We really encourage you to look at this, and the 'Guide for Families' which you can download there.

Alongside that is our more comprehensive guidance around UK Schools and Childcare: International Students which is of vital importance if you have children.

Finally, our Pregnancy and Maternity: Guide for international students and their family members, who may experience pregnancy during their time in the UK. For information relating to: pregnancy; childcare; immigration; University process/policy and other considerations, please download and read the guide carefully.