Julia Pridmore 

Executive Director of the CHHS Health & Wellbeing Academy 

I have a wealth of experience spanning senior clinical, academic and management roles within the NHS and the College of Human and Health Sciences.

I have undertaken a variety of Academic posts within the CHHS including senior lecturer, programme director, associate head of innovation and engagement and now Executive Director of the Health and Wellbeing Academy.

I am passionate about developing the Health and Wellbeing Academy as a centre of excellence in all of the 3 strands of activity; learning & teaching, service delivery and research.


Craig Toutt 

Clinical Academic (CHHS Health and Wellbeing Academy)

I originally trained as an osteopath in 2000, and have been responsible for setting up and developing a number of practices in south Wales. I have experience in clinical leadership, management and working with teams to achieve positive outcomes.

I have worked for the college of Human and Health Sciences since 2011 taking on a variety of roles such as Clinic Director, Team Leader, Department Lead for Innovation and Engagement, Senior Lecturer and Associate Professor. 

I have a strong interest in health and wellbeing and a passion to ensure that the Health and Wellbeing Academy benefits students, staff and the wider community. 


Andrew Kemp 

Associate Professor & Director of Research (CHHS Health and Wellbeing Academy)

I am a multi-disciplinary researcher and academic, with research interests that span cognitive and affective neuroscience through to epidemiology, bridging the gap between biological mechanism and long-term public health.

I have developed a productive program of research to better understand the relationship between mental and physical wellbeing, attracting significant attention from scientific and lay communities.

Between 2013 and 2015 I was a Visiting Professor at the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil working on the largest study on the health and wellbeing of the Brazilian population. Now as Director of Research for the Health and Wellbeing Academy, I am focused on conducting high impact translational research that is collaborative and collegiate in spirit with an eye towards improving health and wellbeing in the local community.


Julia Pridmore                   Academy Director            J.A.Pridmore@swansea.ac.uk    01792 602213

Craig Toutt                        Clinical Academic             C.R.Toutt@swansea.ac.uk         01792 602875

Zoe Fisher                         Clinical Academic            

Emma Oliver                      Operations Manager        e.oliver@swansea.ac.uk            01792 295788

Ioan Humphreys                 Research Officer             i.humphreys@swansea.ac.uk     01792 513301

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