Understanding people, organisations and behaviour matters to all the big global challenges that we face today. In the Faculty we seek to address these challenges through an extensive range of research projects in the humanities, social sciences, law and management studies.

We also collaborate across the university with researchers in science, engineering and life sciences to develop interdisciplinary projects. Together we can harness the full potential of research for economic innovation, technological change, climate action, health, wellbeing and security. 

To facilitate our work the Faculty features a wide range of research institutes, centres and groups that reflect both our research interests and the needs of society. Our research is funded by the UK research councils, Horizon Europe, government bodies, charities and private funders.

To ensure significant impact from our research we also place a major focus on private, public and community sector partnerships. With the support of the Research Wales Innovation Fund we have created capabilities specifically to address local challenges, technological applications of new research and the needs of the wider education system. 

The Faculty entered researchers in seven units of assessment in the 2021 Research Excellence Framework. To underpin continued excellence we prioritise a supportive research environment, with a major focus on training. We provide financial support through internal seed corn schemes, UKRI funded Impact acceleration accounts and UKRI funded doctoral studentships. 

Our research is global in its reach, based on strong partnerships with research intensive universities across Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas. In the most recent QS International Reputation Survey Swansea University was ranked 307=, and eight subjects in the Faculty achieved individual rankings. 

Our research is putting people at the heart of the University research and innovation mission. Our values are to be open and collaborative, and we seek to develop exciting new initiatives wherever possible. Please do consult our webpages regularly as they develop and feel free to get in touch.

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