Family with lady breastfeeding

We are a team of academics, health professionals and students conducting research into infant feeding which makes a real difference to families and those who support them.

Working closely with the Unicef UK Baby Friendly Initiative, infant feeding and parenting charities, and health organisations around the world we explore the many questions families have about feeding their babies and the challenges and barriers they can face in doing so. Our aim is to help create a society where every family has the information, confidence and support to make the decisions that are right for them, by ‘lifting’ any barriers that are in their way.

Our research asks the questions that matter to you:

• How often do babies really feed?
• Does what I feed my baby affect their sleep?
• Should I put my baby in a routine?
• What is really important about how solid foods are introduced?

Research doesn’t make a difference if it is behind closed doors. We take our research findings and turn them into tools that help parents and professionals. We are delighted to have been recognised for the impact of our work by the Economic and Social Research Council and the Made at Uni ‘lifesavers’ awards – 100 ways universities are keeping us healthy.

You can read more about our research and what it means to you via the links below where you will have access to our summaries, blogs, animations, TV clips and more. Please feel free to share our tools and use them in education and training.

All our work adheres to the World Health Organisation International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes. We believe that parents should have transparent information free from industry involvement.