Important Information

When selecting your year abroad options, it is important to consider various factors to help you choose the right place for you. 

  • Only use the link provided to you to view your year abroad options, these are specific to you 
  • Research your options carefully
  • Review our country pages for more information on studying in each country- these are linked via the headings below 
  • Review our partner pages for information about specific partners e.g living costs, requirements, etc - these are linked below
  • Be realistic about living costs and your budget
  • Review our Funding Page for information on your student loan and bursaries available 
  • Don't forget to factor in travel, visa, and insurance costs
  • Check suitability for your subject area by reviewing the course/module catalogues and checking for any restrictions- you may need to look outside your subject area for relevant modules
  • Consider accommodation options - on-campus accommodation can be limited or not available at all

Please note:

The following information applies to students submitting a study abroad application during the first round of applications (deadline 3rd December 2023). Information regarding destinations available via the waiting list will be emailed to students who have requested to be added to the waiting list, or those on a year abroad programme who did not submit an application during the first round. Taith funding is not available for any destinations made available and allocated through the waiting list process (deadline midnight 14th January 2024).

Completing your application form

Select 10 year abroad options and rank in order of preference on your application form

  1. Group A is optional (as it depends on having the relevant language skills).
  2. A maximum of 5 of your choices can be Taith funding eligible universities (you can select less than this should you wish).
    • Taith funding is limited and not guaranteed for all students assigned to a Taith-eligible university
    • Find out more about Taith funding here 
  3. Download the Physics Year/Semester Abroad 24/25 application form
  4. As part of your application, you will need to write a personal statement. We recommend that you clearly state your reasons for choosing your year abroad options, your motivation for studying abroad, and any financial constraints you face as part of this.

For MPhys students only: you may have the opportunity to apply for a semester abroad at University of Houston. If you are interested in applying, please make sure to rank it as one of your options and specify it is for the semester abroad.

Year Abroad Options