France, officially the French Republic, will already be a very familiar destination to many Swansea students. With its world-renowned cuisine, varied landscapes and famous landmarks, you will have plenty to do in addition to your studies whilst in France. Travel by plane from the UK is relatively straightforward, with many low-cost airlines offering flights from most UK destinations. Once in France, you will be able to explore Europe more widely, particularly if you choose to use the high-speed TGV trains. 

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Important Considerations

  • To determine if you need to apply for a visa, please refer to the website and complete the form making sure to select the correct visa type, long or short stay.
  • For a long stay (over 90 days) visa you will need:
    • Valid passport, issued less than 10 years ago with a validity period of at least 3 months longer than the expiry date of the visa requested. 
    • ID photograph
    • Letter of acceptance from host university 
    • Proof of finances for your stay approx. 615 Euros a moth - expect a rise for 24/25
    • Proof of accommodation such as a hotel reservation, rental agreement, contract with host university accommodation provider or, explanatory letter detailing how the accommodation is planned
  • You can apply for a Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) but, you might also need additional health insurance. 
  • Accommodation options will vary depending on where you study, you should ensure you submit your housing application by the deadline.