Preparing for your time abroad can sometimes feel daunting, so we have outlined the main points for you to consider in these early stages below.

Required documents

Pre-departure, you will be required to complete the following documents:

Documents relating to funding:

  • Bursary application form
  • Grant Agreement
  • Participation Agreement 

Documents relating to academic requirements and approval:

  • Learning/Training Plan - overview of academic requirements 
  • Learning/Training Agreement - detailed agreement of modules to be studied/work to be completed

The Go Global Team will send you a study or work abroad pack via email which will contain the required documents for funding and academic purposes. You must complete this documentation in order to receive your funding and for your time abroad to be approved by Swansea University.

Fees and Funding

Making travel and accommodation plans

As you move further through the year leading up to your departure, we appreciate that you may need to start making financial commitments such as applying for a visa or booking accommodation. In an ideal world, all students would have received travel approval and confirmation that you have progressed onto the semester/year abroad before making any financial commitments. However, we understand that in reality, the timelines for students going to many destinations (for example, Australia, North America and increasingly some European countries) will mean that you need to start moving forward with applying for a visa or booking accommodation, which will require that you make a financial commitment before you have travel approval / have confirmation that you have passed this year.

It is important that you are aware that there is an element of risk when making these financial commitments, but we understand that there is no way around this and failing to progress with arrangements will jeopardise your semester/year abroad.

If you are asked to commit financially, we recommend checking in with your host organisation in the first instance for guidance on whether it is possible to delay making any payments.

Health, Safety and Insurance

In the event of sudden illness, accident or emergency you must inform a member of staff at your host university or placement provider, as well as the Go Global team at Swansea University. In case of an accident or emergency, you should also contact the local police and relevant emergency services. You may need to contact the Embassy or your host organisation. Your host organisation will provide assistance, however you should also contact the Go Global Team so we are aware of the situation.