MA Global Challenges: Law, Policy and Practice

The Master’s in Global Challenges: Law, Policy and Practice is a one-year programme designed to blend academic excellence alongside a creative, action-oriented approach to collaboration and partnership working. Its aim is to develop the next generation of outstanding, forward-looking, real-world focused leaders in legal scholarship, activism and practice.

Our scholars study a bespoke programme that enables them to acquire effective research and advocacy skills, along with academic expertise in their chosen field. A placement with a relevant organisation is central to the programme, ensuring the scholars gain practical experience and can contribute directly to bringing about transformative change to law and policy.

The programme equips the scholars with:

• a strong awareness of contemporary global challenges in a rights-based framework
• an understanding of the role of law and policy in addressing national and transnational challenges
• the skills to undertake effective research and develop creative practical solutions, and
• experience of advocating and engaging with stakeholders to facilitate law and policy reform

Alongside their degree programme, scholars benefit from a complementary range of additional activities, designed to further develop their skills and experience and enhance their employability.

The programme has been generously supported by Sky since its launch in 2019.