The mission of the interdisciplinary Centre for Wildfire Research is to provide society with the knowledge necessary to predict, mitigate and adapt to the increasing threat of wildfires both in the UK and globally. It combines expertise of its members at Swansea University who cross many disciplines from geo-, bio-, social sciences and engineering, with that of its active network of over 100 external collaborators. These include scientists and end-user organisations from all inhabited continents.

The Centre is led by the Environmental Dynamics and Global Environmental Modelling and Earth Observation research groups in the University’s Department of Geography. Key areas of engagement and current research specialisms include:

• Fire danger assessments in tropical and temperate regions
• The carbon balance of fire
• Fire effects on soils including organic soils and peats
• Production and characteristics of charcoal/pyrogenic carbon
• Trends in fire occurrence and impacts across the globe
• Predicting and mitigating fire-enhanced erosion and water contamination
• Efficacy and environmental impacts of fuel management approaches
• Social science: perception of fire, mitigation and adaptation measures
• ‘Reality checks’ on claims made in the media

CWF Director: Professor Stefan Doerr

Co-Director: Professor Peter North

Fire tree
Cristina Santin
After fire
Charred trees