Graffiti Wall Berlin
Alqam Mwambu in Berlin Grafitti Wall


For students on this field trip, observation, thought, reflection, and discussion are perhaps the key elements to a successful experience. Reminders of the city's turbulent 20th-century history include its Holocaust memorial and the Berlin Wall's graffitied remains.  Students will explore and evaluatethe diverse human geographies of Berlin, also known for its art scene and modern landmarks and discover something of its particular character.

Austria 2010 students in snow
Austria summer


Based in the picturesque mountain village of Vent, close to where the famous iceman Otzi was discovered, students will be introduced to the dynamic nature of Alpine environments. You will learn about the glacial history of the Alps and the current effects of global warming, glacial processes and landforms, river hydrology and dating techniques using lichen size and boulder hardness.

The field trip is an excellent opportunity for getting to know fellow students while hiking through the beautiful Niedertal Valley or the Rofenkar and Rofental Glaciers.

Plane Wing overlooking Borneo
Images of students on walkway in Borneo


Explore the flora and fauna of the rainforest, mangroves, waterfalls and streams of the breathtaking Danum Valley, home of the Orang-utan and the Hornbills. The Field Centre where you will be based is situated within the largest and richest remaining area of lowlands rainforest in SE Asia with over 200 species of tree per hectare. The rainforest itself is 130-million years old and contains the rarest and most endangered Borneo wildlife.

Students will gain a unique insight into the impact of logging and land-use change, forest management and conservation, forest ecology and microclimates. Projects will be based on themes including forest rehabilitation, soil erosion and hydrology.

Student and Lecturer looking over Majorca coastline
Mallorca field course


The Mallorca Field Course is a sunny, week-long residential field trip concerned with identifying and defining geographical questions on the Balearic island of Mallorca, which serves as an example of a region with a Mediterranean climate. The general aims are to observe, analyse and achieve an understanding of the varied physical geographical landscapes - from limestone mountains to sandy, sun-soaked beaches - and the inherent human geographical features of Mallorca and the Mediterranean.

Students taking this module will gain experience in research design, methodologies, data analysis and presentation methods, including seminars, posters and reports. Students taking this field course focus on the physical geography of the region and conduct specialist project work appropriate to their interests.

Tea Gardens Sikkim 2016 Kaide Macaulay
Sikkim balcony view

Indian Himalayas

Sikkim’s capital Gangtok, is a stunning city built on a steep slope with spectacular views of Kangchendzonga, the world’s 3rd highest mountain. The city is surrounded by subtropical rainforest, rice terraces, and is a paradise for butterflies and orchids. Gangtok is renowned as a centre for study of Buddhist philosophy and religion. 

Geography and Biosciences students get an opportunity to meet academics of Sikkim University, Buddhist monks, local politicians and Sikkim’s Ministers alongside group project work. Some examples include the monsoon phenomena, biogeography and biodiversity, eco-tourism, and migration.

New York students
New York

New York

Travelling around on foot and by subway, and visiting sites including Wall Street, Times Square, Central Park, the Lower East Side and Williamsburg, students will encounter some of the best real-life examples of human geography theories and concepts, hopefully making the lectures and textbooks come alive. Students will have the opportunity to examine themes ranging from architecture and power to gentrification, migration and ethnicity. It’s not all work though, as students manage to find the time to sample a wide range of food and drink, attend sporting events, and of course, do lots and lots of shopping!

Vancouver students jumping joy
Vancouver snow scape with students


Explore the human and natural wonders of Vancouver and ‘beautiful British Columbia’ on this 14 day field course. Those interested in human geography can study the development of Vancouver’s built environment, ethnic diversity, tourism and film-making, while physical geographers can explore coastal rainforests, the Fraser River delta and learn about avalanches. Students will then take a hike through breath-taking Squamish following the Gold Rush trail, and still have time to take in an ice hockey game, go skiing or bargain-hunting in the malls. All in all, a truly unforgettable experience.

Photo from the coast in Scilly
Photo of students on the coast of Scilly


Students travel to the breath-taking Isles of Scilly, located just off the coast of Cornwall, on our immersive Climate Emergency course. Students experience the real-life impact of climate change while exploring sea level changes, flood defence, and innovative solutions to environmental challenges. Our itinerary is packed with opportunities to study sustainable transport systems, energy initiatives, and the interconnectedness of food supply chains in a changing world.