Geography students on a field trip

Swansea University offers a variety of geography degrees that provide students with an in-depth understanding of the physical, social, and environmental aspects of our world. Cover topics such as climate change, sustainable development, natural hazards, and urbanization, among others. Students also have access to state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. With its stunning location on the coast of Wales, Swansea University offers an unparalleled setting for students to explore the intersection of the physical and social aspects of our planet.

Geography Students on a Field trip

Field Equipment

50cm quadrat, Abney level, Clinometer – sighting, Basic Clinometer (plastic gun type), Compass - sighting 360 contagens, Compass – basic, Compass/Clinometer, Conductivity / TDS meter, Conductivity meter (multi-range), Dissolved Oxygen Meter, Folding Shovel, GPS handset, Hoe, i-Button (temperature / relative humidity logger), i-Button adaptor, i-Button reader, Infiltrometer - mini disk, Kestrel - Environmental Meter (weather meter), Lux Light Meter, Measuring tape - 3m, 5m, 8m, 30m, 50m, 100m, Munsell Soil Colour Chart, pH meter, pH meter (soil), Pick, Plastic Rule 1m, Pocket Penetrometer, Pocket penetrometer and  pocket vane tester, Hand penetrometer, Rock Hammer – chisel, Rock Hammer – pick, Schmidt hammer, Stopwatch, Stream Flowmeter, Suspended Solids Meter / Turbidity Meter, Thermo-Hygrometer, Thor Nylon Hammer, Trowel, Trundle Wheel, Vernier caliper - 5in, Russian corer - peat **, Gouge corer, Multi sampler - sludge **, Auger, Hard Hats, Hi Viz vest, Handheld GPS, Ranging poles, Air Quality meter, Niton pXRF (postgrad and staff use only) **, Shakesby box, Sledgehammer, Soil moisture meter kit, Soil Survey Field Handbook, Sound Level Meter, Spade 

Laboratory Equipment

Particle size analysis – sieving, Particle size analysis – laser, Soil test kits – various, Water test kits – various, Water hardness, Rainfall simulation experiments, Water Droplet Penetration Test (WDPT), Humification, n-alkanes, Loss on ignition (LOI), Bulk density, pH, Sediment core profiling, SCP analysis, Soil hydrophobicity, laboratory XRF **, portable pXRF (postgrad and staff use only) **, Carbon - Nitrogen analysis ***, Ion chromatography - anion/cation analysis **, Spectrophotometer, Climate chamber, TOC analyser, GCMS - gas chromatograph mass spectrometer ***, Furnaces (1100C), Centrifuges, Analytical balances, Goniometer, Freeze dryers, Microscopes, Walk-in cold store, Automated Soil CO2 Flux System ***, Glacial 'goo' experiments 

Geography Students in Lab looking through Microscopes


  • Access to a number of software packages is available in Open Access labs (on campus); 
  • Arc GIS 
  • ENVI 
  • Dendrochronology (COO-recorder; C-dendro, flatbed scanner) ***