Tuition Fees

All tuition fees are due at the beginning of the academic session.  In order to assist students in spreading the cost over the year, the University has introduced a system of payment by instalments.

Please see the link below for Undergraduate, Postgraduate and International payment information.

How To Pay Your Fees - UK EU Undergraduate Students

How to pay your fees - UK EU Postgraduate Students

How To Pay Your Fees - International Students

Home students are required to submit direct debit mandates payable from a UK bank to effect payment of their personal fee liability, as part of the enrolment process.

Sponsored Students

Students claiming to be in receipt of sponsorship will not be permitted to enrol without appropriate documentation.  Sponsors are expected to pay invoices within 30 days.  The University will continue to recognise an organisation as a legitimate sponsor, only if payments are received promptly.  We do not class parents/family as sponsors for the purposes of this definition, and reserve the right to reject sponsorship credentials in certain circumstances.

Where fees are not paid by a student's sponsor, the student will become personally responsible for all fees owed.


The Finance Department will issue reminders to students for outstanding fees.  In addition, details of amounts owed will be shown in the students intranet account on the University's website.

Appeal against Withdrawal of study for non-payment of Tuition Fees

Students will receive automated tuition fee reminders whilst  fees are outstanding.  Following this we will be sending appeal forms via email, which students will need to complete and return.  The appeal form will allow students to apply for an extended tuition deadline date if needed.  If the outstanding payment is not received by the extended deadline date, students will be Withdrawn from study.

 Appeal Form

Sanctions for the Non-payment of Fees

Tuition Fees

The following sanctions will normally be applied following the non-payment of any fee due, or instalment thereof:

  • The student will be withdrawn from studies, and the students sponsor (if sponsored) informed accordingly.
  • The student will normally be unable to enrol for the subsequent academic year.
  • The student's results will not normally be considered by Award Boards, progression results will also be withheld and the student will not be allowed to attend degree ceremonies or receive awards.
  • The University reserves the right to charge an administration fee if fees are not paid by the due date.


Students who wish to review decisions relating to sanctions imposed following non-payment of tuition fees, may write to the Director of Finance in the first instance, giving full details of the grounds for the review.  Students who remain dissatisfied with the outcome of a review related to non-payment of tuition fees, may request a final consideration of the decision in accordance with the University's Final Review Procedure.

Students who wish to review decisions relating to sanctions imposed following non-payment of accommodation fees, may write to the Director of Student Services, giving full details of the grounds for the review.

Students will not be required to withdraw from the University if the total sum owed is less than £100.00.



Third Party Disclosures and sharing information

On completion of studies/withdrawal/suspension, the University may disclose adequate, relevant and sufficient personal data to a third party (nominated Debt Collection Company), to enable the debt to the University to be pursued and recovered.

If your account is passed to the University's approved debt collection agency or for legal action, all outstanding balances will become due immediately.

Legal action may result in additional costs to the students.


This procedure applies to all students – including part-time, full-time, undergraduate, postgraduate, home, EU and overseas students, attending any campus.

Students are defined as persons registered or enrolled at the University to follow a programme of study, which may or may not lead to an award or qualification. If a student leaves the University with outstanding debts, the University will pursue payment of the outstanding debt.

Students are responsible for paying all fees incurred whilst studying at the University on a timely basis. Where a sponsor has agreed to pay on behalf of a student, the student remains responsible for the debt until it has been discharged.

Non-payment of tuition fees will result in action to recover the debt. This can include de-registration, prevention of re-registration in successive years, non-admittance to their degree and prevention of attendance to their graduation ceremony, receiving their award in absentia.