Aerial view of waves on a beach

The focus of research in this theme is to engineer viable and sustainable solutions in the fields of water treatment and supply, costal erosion, pluvial flooding, CO2 capture, non-conventional energy production and storage.

Our research covers both fresh and salt water; is aimed at improving scientific understanding and developing effective engineering solutions to real-world problems. We work with industry and academic funders on a wide range of topics that includes: water treatment; water supply; catchment management; pluvial and coastal flooding; coastal erosion and marine renewable energy sources.

We use computational modelling, have state-of-the-art laboratories, (CWATER and Coastal Laboratories), and have an extensive range of measurement equipment for coastal and marine field campaigns.

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Tidal Stream Turbines

computational image of a tidal turbine

Our research expertise looks at the combined effects of currents, waves and turbulence on turbines and the interaction of turbines in arrays using numerical modelling at all scales from turbine blades, to array scale and up to regional models.

overcoming water shortages

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The Centre for Water Advanced Technologies and Environmental Research (CWATER) is an internationally leading centre of excellence for the development of advanced technologies in water treatment. Read more here.

Water, Energy & Sustainability Research Facilities

Our facilities for research within water and energy now include:

  • 30m Wave Flume
  • Atomic Force Microscope
  • Micromanipulator and Colloid Probe