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Environmental change impacts on ecosystems

In this lecture, we will introduce the concepts of climate warming and habitat loss as main environmental drivers of change on natural communities, with a particular focus on how they impact species interaction networks.

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Wildfire research in Canada

Climate change and the global ‘wildfire crisis’ – unravelling myths from realities with Professor Stefan Doer

Monday 29th November, 5pm-6pm (GMT)

Reports of major wildfire disasters are a regular feature in news, be it from Australia, California, Siberia, Amazonia or even the UK. Either climate change or poor land management are typically highlighted as the root cause of an increasing wildfire problem around the world. This lecture introduces the complexities of the causes, trends and impacts of wildfires, and aims to unravel the myths from the realities in the ‘wildfire hotspots’ of our flammable planet.   

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