Book Review Competition 2017

In association with the 2017 International Dylan Thomas Prize, local schools, colleges and youth groups were invited to review books from the 2017 shortlisted books for the 2017 DylanED book review competition.

On Wednesday 10 May, at an event hosted by the City and County of Swansea at The Guildhall, Swansea, the winners were announced.  All three collected their trophy and a copy of the six shortlisted books from Hannah Ellis, Dylan Thomas's granddaughter.

First place was awarded to Emily Reed from Gower College, for her review of Sarah Perry's The Essex Serpent. Emily wrote that the narrative of the novel 'is full of beautiful, romantic descriptions of nature, creating a poetic and almost dreamlike atmosphere while still firmly placed in a Victorian British landscape.'  

In second place was Willow Hovvels from Penyrheol Comprehensive School, who also reviewed Sarah Perry's The Essex Serpent. Willow said that the thing that stood out for her throughout the whole book was Sarah Perry's writing style and that she hadn't read another author's book that had the atmosphere which Sarah had so perfectly crafted.

Jacob Lane from Llangatwg was awarded third place for his review of Luke Kennard's Cain.  Jacob described Luke's poetry collection as 'striking a brilliant balance between humour, sarcasm and seriousness and exploring unorthodox and important issues.'  Jacob also said that Luke's collection has 'piqued his interest in literature and poetry'.