My Swansea Experience

Bethany Love, Egyptology and Ancient History, BA.

"I arrived at university via Clearing and found the whole process incredibly simple and stress free".

Once registering for Clearing, Swansea University sent me an email that day offering me a place on my desired course.

Graduate, Bethany Love

Graduate, Bethany Love, Ancient History and Egyptology, BA

In the days following, if I ever had and queries, it was easy to contact the University and there was always someone to speak to and answer my questions. 

I got all the support I needed before coming to Swansea, including help to secure university accommodation for my first year.

I was delighted to secure a place at university. Not only did Swansea University offer the course that I wanted to study but it also has its own Egypt Centre – something unique to my course that other universities did not offer.

Academic support

I originally started at Swansea University studying on a single honours course. However, during my first year I was able to select numerous Egyptology modules and I found a new love of artefacts and Egyptian history. I was subsequently able to then change my course to a joint honours Egyptology and Ancient History, BA.

I graduated in 2022 and loved my three years in Swansea. Although my studies were disrupted by COVID during this time, there was still always support available and the lecturers were incredibly understanding when it came to assignments. The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences went above and beyond to ensure that students achieved the best work we could.

Extracurricular activities

During my second year at university, I joined the Equestrian society. The society was incredibly welcoming. Then, in my third year, I received a sports bursary which enabled me to partake in lessons every week, meaning I could learn skills much faster. The socials were regular and always had fun themes! There are lots of clubs and societies available for Swansea students, so you can always find something to match your own interests.

Why choose Swansea

The Swansea region has a lot to offer. The city itself is far larger than you would expect and is surrounded by hills and forests for those who love nature and hiking. The many beaches in the area are also a huge pro to Swansea and are accessible all year round.

Facilities at the university are great, the library is well equipped and there are plenty of places you can go to study. Buildings such as the Taliesin Arts Centre provide social study places too.

Having graduated from Swansea. I then undertook a Masters course in Museum Studies. 

I would highly recommend Swansea University and you will not find a more welcoming place.

Guide to Clearing

You may not have got the results you were hoping for, or maybe you have had a last minute change of heart about your future, but this doesn’t mean you can’t still study at university this autumn. We are here to help, and will provide you with the knowledge you need to secure your place at university through Clearing.

Clearing FAQs

To help you take some of the stress out of Clearing, here are some frequently asked questions and additional information to help you prepare for Clearing and make the best out of the process.