undergraduate modules dedicated to Welsh writing in English

EN282 Welsh Writing in English: Canon & Context (Level 2) 

Concentrating primarily on novels and short stories we will discuss and explore what we mean when we talk of a 'Welsh tradition' and explore the problems and possibilities of canon formation.  We will consider questions such as - What makes a writer 'Welsh'? How do notions of linguistic, national and gender differences affect the ways in which novelists have depicted modern Wales?  How does geographical location, linguistic background and historical context affect the textual representations of Welsh society?

EN339 Dylan Thomas (Level 3) 

This course offers the chance to study the work of a leading twentieth century writer in the locale where he was born, brought up, and arrived at creative maturity, and it includes visits to the Dylan Thomas Exhibition in Swansea and the Boat House in Laugharne. One of its main aims, however, is to question the myth of the life which has dogged past interpretations of Thomas.

EN391 Wales: Singular Noun, Plural Experience (Level 3) 

This course will concentrate on the internal cultural diversity of Wales, exploring a wide range of literary texts in an attempt to map the 'symbolic', as opposed to the physical, geography of the country and to identify some of the ways in which writers have positioned themselves on that map. It will also explore some of the ways in which writers have addressed the issue of plural identity, as that can be experienced on both the personal and national level. In this latter connection, particular attention will be paid to instances of dual allegiance, cultural pluralism, gender ambivalence and of international encounters.

Welsh writing in English also features in comparative contexts, such as

EN109 Lyric Poetry (Dylan Thomas) (Level 1) 

EN200  Postcolonial Literatures (Level 2)