An University of Wales funded video conference, featuring contributors from England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Swansea University.

Contributions to the conference were collected in the volume Nations and Relations, eds. Tony Brown and Russell Stephens (Cardiff: New Welsh Review, 2000).

Daniel Williams. Pan-Celticism and the Limits of Post-Colonialism: W. B. Yeats, Ernest Rhys and William Sharp in the 1890s

Eve Patten. “Flying to Belfast”: Audience and Authenticity in recent Northern Irish Fiction

Michael Cronin, Spaces Between Irish Worlds: Travellers, Translators and the New Accelerators

Christopher Whyte. “Don’t imagine Ethiopia”: Fiction and Poetics in Contemporary Scotland

M. Wynn Thomas and Tony Brown, Colonial Wales and Fractured Language

Kirsti Bohata, Beyond Authenticity? Hybridity and Assimilation in Welsh Writing in English

James A. Davies, The Solitary Reaper in Dowlais: Welsh Poetry in English and Other English Literatures

Alistair Heys, Kings of Pride and Terror: R. S. Thomas and the Welsh Sublime