On-line reviews of contemporary literary criticsm, new writing and cultural history from Wales.#

CREW's online review of books aims to publish high-quality reviews of English language fiction and non-fiction commissioned from postgraduates, academics and the wider literary/artistic community.  We hope these will serve to promote the vibrancy and currency of the academic and literary culture of Wales.

Commissioning Editor:

Clare Davies is commissioning editor for the CREW Reviews website.  Currently she is undertaking an MA in Modern Welsh Writing in English, within CREW at Swansea University. 

Clare can be contacted via email at 632589@swansea.ac.uk . Books can be sent for review to Clare Davies, CREW c/o K Bohata, Department of English, Swansea University, Swansea, SA2 8PP. 


Reviewers include postgraduate students at Swansea and elsewhere and estabilished academics and writers, including the historian, Professor Prys Morgan, and leading literary critic, Professor M. Wynn Thomas.

Latest Reviews:

Welsh Gothic, by Jane Aaron (UWP, 2013)

The Meaning of Pictures: Images of Personal, Social and Political Identity, by Peter Lord (UWP, 2009)

 Gender, Ireland and Cultural Change: Race, Sex and Nation by Geraldine Meaney (Routledge, 2010)

 Slanderous Tongues: Essays on Welsh Poetry in English 1970-2005, ed Daniel G. Williams (Seren, 2010)

Rhys Davies (Writers of Wales), by Huw Edwin Osborne (University of Wales Press, 2009)

Dannie Abse: A Sourcebook, ed by Cary Archard (Seren, 2010)

Self-Portrait as Ruth by Jasmine Donahaye (Salt Publishers, 2009)

Gower by Nigel Jenkins (Gomer, 2009)


Full list of reviewed books, alphabetically by author

Aaron, Jane Welsh Gothic (University of Wales Press, 2013)

Archard, Cary (ed) Dannie Abse: A Sourcebook (Seren, 2010)

Dillwyn, Amy, A Burglary or, 'Unconscious Influence' (Honno, 2009)

Donahaye, Jasmine, Self-Portrait as Ruth (Salt, 2009)

Green, Diane, Emyr Humphreys: A Postcolonial Novelist? (University of Wales Press, 2009)

Jenkins, Nigel, Gower (Gomer, 2009)

Jones, Jack, Black Parade (Parthian, 2009)

Lord, Peter, The Meaning of Pictures (University of Wales Press, 2009)

Meaney, Geraldine, Gender, Ireland and Cultural Change (Routledge, 2010)

Osborne, Huw Edwin, Rhys Davies (University of Wales Press, 2009)

Sheers, Owen, White Ravens (Seren, 2009)

Williams, Daniel G, Slanderous Tongues: Essays on Welsh Poetry in English 1970-2005, (Seren, 2010)