CCPRG Members

Name Research Interests
Dr Alan Bilton
  Creative Writing, Contemporary Fiction, Postmodernism, Surrealism, Silent Film 
Dr Richard Robinson
  Modernism and contemporary writing, modern Irish writing, theories of style, border studies 
Dr Rachel Farebrother   Collage; Black U.S. literature and culture; modernist magazines; interdisciplinary approaches to U.S. modernism and Afro-modernism; Black feminist theory 
Professor Kirsti Bohata   Postcolonial theory and Anglophone Welsh writing; feminist, queer and interdisciplinary disability studies
Dr Anne Lauppe-Dunbar   Creative Writing, historical fiction, editing, sports doping, child terrorism 
Dr Elaine Canning   Director, Cultural Institute, Creative Writing, historical fiction 
Professor Julian Preece   German literature, politics and the literary imaginary; narratives and narrators; adaptations
Professor Daniel Williams   Literature, Ethnicity and Nationalism, Literatures of Wales and North America 
Dr Joanna Rydzewska   World and European Cinema, especially Polish 
Professor Tudur Hallam   Welsh literature, poetics, creative writing, drama, language planning, translation, language teaching 
Dr Francesca Rhydderch   Creative Writing, novel and short story, Welsh writing in Welsh and English 
Owen Sheers   Creative writing (poetry, fiction, drama), hybrid theatrical projects, arts TV and radio documentary 
Dr Eoin Price   Shakespeare, early modern drama, the literary canon, audiences, memory, time, periodization, performance 
Dr Laura Kalas   Medieval women’s writing, including devotional texts; gender and sexuality; literature and medicine 
Professor Jasmine Donahaye   Creative non-fiction, nature writing, British Jewish Studies, Welsh Writing in English 
Dr Roberta Magnani   Intersectional feminism, medievalism, Chaucer, manuscripts and queer theory 
Dr Chris Pak   Science fiction, utopia, terraforming and geoengineering, climate change, human-animal studies, worldbuilding, infrastructure, socio-technical systems
Dr Alexia Bowler   Applied Linguistics, Feminism, Neo-Victorianism, Women in Film, Science Fiction, Technology