Group Overview

Cybersecurity in the context of Computer Science encompasses technical aspects such as the protection of our digital life from a variety of attacks through to guarantees towards social aspects such as privacy and use of policies.

Security is an essential requirement in today’s world where every single digital entity is connected. Can one trust a service on the internet or a network? How well secured is personal data in this connected world? Such questions require new scientific solutions based on fundamental and applied research covering aspects such as cryptography, information theory, formal methods, hardware design, protocols design, and human-centred design.

Swansea scientists have made and are making contributions to the field, e.g., in the digital economy, on cryptocurrencies, on security and privacy of personal data, on cyberterrorism and cyber-crime, on mobile security, to name but a few.

In this, Swansea Computer Science takes a holistic and interdisciplinary approach, bringing together expertise in fields as diverse as formal modelling, human-computer interaction, data mining, visual analytics and information security management, and beyond, e.g., collaborating with the Swansea's Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law.

Further Project Information