The Active Building Centre Research Programme (ABC-RP) aims to combine solar and low/zero carbon technologies with building design and operation to transform the construction and energy sectors. The ABC-RP is working to ensure current and future buildings support the energy infrastructure by balancing renewable energy generation, with energy consumption to reduce stress on the National grid.

The Centre for Innovative Ageing is involved with the ABC-RP project to examine the impact of active buildings on older people. We want to understand older people’s motives and the decision-making processes around moving to an active building home. We aim to understand how active building environments can influence and modify older people’s energy behaviours and their day to day practices. We also want to explore how socially acceptable active buildings are to older people.

Public involvement and engagement is central to the research. To achieve this, we will be working with older people to devise and conduct the research. We aim to use a range of methods to collect data including surveys, biographical interviews, diaries, focus groups, and workshops.

An economic appraisal will form part of the work being undertaken.

For more information contact Dr Charles Musselwhite

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