PhD Researcher

My PhD title is Virtual Reality as a Tool For Patient Education, to Improve Access to Timely Radiotherapy, for Patients receiving Breast Cancer Treatment using Surface-Guided Radiotherapy

My background 

I have been at the University for four years, working as a senior lecturer and admissions tutor for the Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy Physics undergraduate programmes, which fall under the umbrella of Healthcare Sciences. I also act as the facilitator for students who have clinical placements in English NHS Trusts/departments. Prior to working at the University I completed an MSc in Radiation Biology at Oxford, which culminated in a project working with the Royal Marsden (Sutton) to develop a compartmental model for I131 kinetics during molecular radiotherapy. 

My research

My PhD is based on the use of virtual reality/simulation as a medium for patient education, for patients receiving radiotherapy to treat breast cancer. It is a part-time, 6-year PhD, which is funded by a staff bursary. 


Professor Andrea Tales, Dr Richard Hugtenburg


Photo of Joe Purden