PhD Researcher

My PhD title is Redefining Professional Boundaries – Relationship-centred Practice in the Care for Older People with Dementia 

My background

I worked within social services for a total of six years, as a welfare assistant, student social worker and finally as a qualified social worker after completing my BSc in Social Work at Swansea University in 2012. I went on to practice as a social worker in a child protection team for two years before changing career direction and moving to the Alzheimer’s Society where I was employed as Engagement and Participation Officer. I worked across the organisation in Wales to promote and embed user involvement in practice and to encourage and support involvement and co-production with people living with dementia in decisions that affect them. Whilst working at Alzheimer’s Society, I completed my MSc in Social Research Methods at Swansea University in 2014.

My research

I started my PhD in October 2015. My PhD aims to identify the key features of a relationship-based practice for older people with dementia, to examine innovative approaches in social care and to develop policy and practice relevant evidence that supports replicable application of relationship-centred practice. Additionally, the project aims to explore how practitioners balance rights, risks and responsibilities when caring for an older person with dementia, within the context of increasing bureaucratic procedures and processes within social care.  


Prof Fiona Verity, Dr Michele Raithby


Picture of Faye Grinter