PhD Researcher

My PhD title is Hiraeth - The experience of older Welsh speakers in care 

My background

After graduating with a degree in Fine Art from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth in 1994 I have worked in health and social care in the statutory and third sectors. I received my MSc in Strategic Management and Public Services from Cardiff University in 2004, where my research 'Welcome to Marlborough Country,' looked at the impact of smoking on organisational culture.

Currently I work for the NHS and am interested in patient experience, particularly for older patients.

My research

I am researching the experience of older Welsh speakers in care settings, looking at how those planning and providing care are assessing people's language needs and whether or not these are properly met.

The Welsh Language Standards state that people have the right to receive their health and social care through the medium of Welsh. My research will look at how these standards are being applied in practice and the impact of language on older Welsh speakers.

My systematic review of the literature in to the experience of minority language speakers in care home settings has demonstrated that their health and wellbeing is affected by whether or not they are able to communicate in their first language. The literature shows that people's sense of self, their social interaction with others and their trust with professionals is linked to the language of those around them.

Following my review of the literature I will conduct a desk top review of providers' information and assessment tools to look at how they identify Welsh speakers and their needs. This will inform my fieldwork and help to identify areas of good practice.


Dr Deborah Morgan, Dr Charles Musselwhite




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