M.Phil Researcher

My M.Phil title is The importance of older people as research participants in clinical trials.  A critical analysis of the attitudes of stakeholders: older people; research practitioners and the pharmaceutical industry.

My Background

I have been a registered nurse for over 12 and a half years, qualifying with a Diploma of Nursing.  I then studied for an BSc in Nursing Practice.  I am currently a Research nurse, having previously spent 10 and a half years working in Nephrology.  I completed the MSc Gerontology and Ageing course in 2018, my dissertation being: ‘Discussing end of life: a qualitative study exploring the barriers, facilitators, advantages and disadvantages of discussing end of life issues.

My Research

My experience in Nephrology piqued my interest in ageing.  My current role as a research nurse has made me appreciate older people as participants in clinical trials but it has also lead me to question the attitudes of those involved in clinical trials towards older people as participants.  Therefore this MPhil Gerontology and Ageing will explore older people as participants in clinical trials.


Dr Christine Dobbs, Dr Jodie Croxall



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