Our Research Expertise

Chemical student in lab

Advanced Processes

Research includes:

Complex fluids: Rheological characterisation, Microfluidics, Healthcare technologies, Multiphase, granular, and complex flow patterns.

Process systems: Process intensification, Mathematical modelling/programming.

water, electric and co2 waste

Sustainable Resources

Research includes:

Energy: Electrical energy storage, Battery recycling, Solar cells, Hydrogen as an energy vector, Sustainable hydrocarbons, Next generation electric conductors.

Water: Membranes for water treatment and purification, Micro and nano filtration, Ozone treatment, Colloidal interactions in membrane systems.

Decarbonisation: Carbon capture & utilisation, Biorefinery, Pressure swing absorption, CO2 electrolysis.

Waste & Environment: Industrial waste applications, Microplastics characterisation & recycling, Bioremediation.


Applied Materials

Research includes: 

Materials & Manufacturing technologies: Membranes, Coatings, Absorbents,  Polymers, Ceramics.

Surface science & Particle technologies: Surfactants, Colloids, Particle characterisation, Biofilms, Biocorrosion, Biofouling.

Catalysis, Sensors, Sustainable chemistry: Electrochemical sensors, Electrocatalysis, Thermocatalysis, Green chemistry.