Find out more the about Swansea Uni Food senior management team and check who to contact.

Jayne Rees-Griffiths - Contract Director

Hi, I’m Jayne. I'm the Contract Director for the food team, some would class me as the top dog of the food team being the partnership link with the University. I handle the financial, health and safety and growth of the catering sector. I've been in the industry since I was young, starting as a parsley picker then working my way up to area manager, before becoming a coffee expert over at costa - my latte art is better than yours, come challenge me! While you’re here, I can use my skills as a certified personality profiler which I learnt while working for the police and getting my law degree. Whilst not in work, I love spending time with my family and traveling to explore the world and its food with South Asia being my favourite.

Neil Griffiths - Operations Manager

Hi, I’m Neil. I am the Operations Manager for the food team, from looking after daily services at all our outlets, I have many of other roles and responsibilities. Every time you use that kiosk or app to order your food, I make sure it's working correctly and efficiently, while also making sure the lights are still on and the gas is still running to cook the food. I am also the Sustainability and Fairtrade King, continuously pushing to make sure our products are fairtrade and that we recycle and reuse and give back to the community and environment to the best of our ability. Most of the time you’ll see me running around instead of walking, if you need to chat, run alongside me.

Kim Dowle - Hospitality & People OperationsManager

Hi, I’m Kim. I am Hospitality and People’s Operations Manager for the food team, from event banquets to your tea and coffees for your meetings, I organise. I’ve worked for Swansea University for 16 years in multiples roles, including 9 years in the hospitality sector. I pride myself on being very approachable and the best problem solver, which makes me perfect for hospitality. Ever need advice or assistance with any issues, not just hospitality, reach out and I'll help where I can. While I’m not in work other than my family I have a great love for Liverpool FC.

Sian Snell - Senior Administrator

Hi, I’m Sian. I'm the Senior Administrator for the food team. Described as the glue that holds the team together, my role requires everything and anything that is admin based, from payroll to invoices to HR. Being in the industry for over 20 years I have a real passion to use my skills to benefit the catering sector. I’m friendly and approachable and seem to be that person everyone comes to talk to, really taking up the mum role of the office. However, once let out I can be a dark horse where I love to go travelling and to concerts, even on school nights and back to the grind the next day.

Marie-Laure Bowles - Retail Manager

Hi, I’m Maz. I'm the Retail Manager for the food team I’ve been in and around the catering sector for 10 years, previously working in some major stadiums. My role is to manage anything store led within the university, including all the major brands (Greggs, Subway, Costa, etc). I class myself as very approachable and organised being a mum of three, it’s the key to success, whilst also leading by example to build relationships with staff and customers alike. In my spare time I enjoy camping and kayaking so if you see me in the open water, you know I’m taking a well-earned break.

Lindsay Richards - Executive Head Chef

Hi, I’m Lindsay. I'm the Executive Head Chef for the food team, in simple terms this means my role is everything and anything food related. Daily I make sure the kitchen team are bringing you the quality and satisfaction to your food, from when it starts as a simple ingredient and made into a blossoming dish. Whilst also finding and creating new and innovating dishes for you to try. Coming from a stadium background I love big events and creating gala experiences that will live in your memory forever, food experimenting is a real enlightening process of mine and helps me relax. Coming from the Valleys I have a strong personality to take charge of the chefs which I’m sure you can hear me from outside the kitchen, so I tend to break away in my spare time to West Wales for the peace and quiet before returning to that hussle and bussle of the kitchen.

Kevin Storke - Student Engagement & Marketing

Hi, I’m Kevin. I'm the Student Engagement and Marketing Manager within the food team. My role is to engage and create that partnership within the food team to students from what dishes and food outlets they would like to see, to using our sources and partnerships to create volunteers and arrange workshops to help people learn key skills. Coming from the bars and events background whilst working with the Student’s Union at Swansea University, I have brought some great fun, exciting activities and events in the past. Freshers is my favourite time of year, with all the new excitement and new activities going on, and of course, the freebees - yes, I claim my fair share! During my time off I spend my time with my children and participating in sport (these pretty much control my life), so if you fancy a day out with kids or throwing a ball around, I’m your guy.