Fuelling Unique Everyday Lives

Our F.U.E.L. range is designed to help you thrive. Every F.U.E.L. dish has been analysed by our expert nutritionists to confirm they meet high nutrition standards.

Our health and wellbeing initiative

  • Formed around 8 pillars
  • FU.E.L. dishes
  • Education
  • Interaction

FU.E.L Dishes

F.U.E.L. dishes meet a certain criteria designed by our nutrition team, so we can guarantee that each dish meets a high nutrition standard and goes the extra mile.

Each food offer (Liberty Grill, Hola Pollo etc.) will have a F.U.E.L. dish highlighted on the menu using the F.U.E.L. stamp, this will be communicated on the printed and digital branded menus and highlighted on the app/kiosk with F.U.E.L. wording with a small explanation on the printed/digital branded menus of what the symbol means.